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A England Houndstooth Nail art

Hey everyone 🙂

A England Houndstooth Nail Art

I wasn’t planning on posting anything today but… I just had to share this with you!

I picked up some A England polishes in the Gothic weekend promotion and they arrived this morning, so of course I had to have a play with them. I tend to swatch one nail so I can get a vague idea of what a polish will be like.

So, I try the lovely dark blue Queen Of Scots, this has to be the creamiest, highly pigmented polish I have tried in a long time! It’s lovely!  My next polish test is to see if it’s going to be good for stamping…

A England Houndstooth Nail Art

Just look at it! The purple is Elaine also from A England.

I would think that Queen Of Scots will be just as vibrant over black polish!

The houndstooth stamping image is from Moyou Pro XL 07

A England Houndstooth Nail Art


OMG Japanese LED Nail Decal Review!


Hello! I have a really fun product to show you today! 😀

These Japanese LED Nail Decals that have been kindly been sent to me from www.omgnailstrips.com.

omg led nail decal

omg led nail decal

From the OMG website – “The LED light chip is powered by NFC fields given off by most Android phones, Point of Sale Machines, Apple Pay and many other electronics, meaning when in the presence of these NFC fields your nail will light up and blink.”

And OMG are also in the process of designing an App for Android that would allow the nail to light up when you get different types of notifications on your phone. How amazing is that!?

OMG supply two types of led stickers, one specifically for Gel polish which is the chip on it’s own and the set with stickers is for use with regular nail polish.

omg led nail decal

The Decals are $5.99 per pack with free international shipping and are available in White, Green and Blue, for Gel and White, Red and Blue for regular polish!

Both chips I have to show you today are white ones!

Here is a little video (be nice, I don’t do videos often lol) of the chip for Gel polish directly on the back of my phone.

The LEDs for Acrylic and Gel are available Here

omg led nail decal

Pink Roses

Applying the chip was really simple, the clear part of the decal is really easy to trim to size, I used a couple of coats of black polish to hide the chip, being very careful not to cover the LED.



I decided to use the pink rose accent sticker from the set. I found that the adhesive on the stickers is very strong, so repositioning it is a bit of a challenge.

I used Seche Vite topcoat and I did find that the Accent sticker went a little bit crinkly as the polish dried. I don’t know if a non quick dry topcoat would have the same effect on the accent stickers, unfortunately I don’t have any on hand to try!

Here’s another little video of it in action. This time on my nail 🙂

The decals for using with regular polish are available Here

The other products I used for this look are

  • Barry M – Shocking Pink
  • Butter London – Frilly Knickers
  • Illamasqua – Scorn
  • Moyou – Pro collection XL 07
  • Konad – Special Polish Black
  • Seche Vite Topcoat
omg led decal review

omg led decal review

I found that to get the best and brightest flashes I had to be holding my phone close to where the NFC chip is located. Unfortunately these won’t work with iphones.

Make sure that NFC setting is turned on on your phone or the LED won’t work!

I really do like these LED decals, they are so fun to wear!

Stripey Metallic Roses

Hi! 🙂

Metallic stripey rose nail art

Metallic stripey roses

Today I have another 52 week pick and mix (catch up) mani to show you, the prompts for that week (beginning 2nd March) are Metallic and Ikat…

I’m really not a fan of Ikat nails so for this post I’m just using the metallic prompt.

metallic stripey rose macro nail art

close up!

The two Metallic polishes I used are Artemis (purple) and Aglaia (teal) from the 2true Metallica Collection.

I started off with a coat of Aglaia, then when it was dry I applied the striping tape to my nails (and my desk and the floor and even my keyboard :/)  and added a coat of Artemis.

Removed the tape and applied a coat of Seche Vite.

Artemis and Aglaia from 2true Metallica Collection

Artemis and Aglaia from 2true Metallica Collection

The stamping plate is Moyou Pro XL 07 and I used Konad Black Stamping Polish.

The roses are my favorite images on this plate! 🙂

Metallic stripey roses Moyou Pro XL 07

Moyou Pro XL 07

Here is the 52 Week Pick and Mix Pinterest Board for more amazing nail art! 🙂

Red And Black Houndstooth Nail Art

Hello! 🙂

Red and Black Houndstooth Nail Art

Red and Black Houndstooth

Here are my red and black houndstooth nails, these are for the 52 week pick and mix challenge (that I’m now ridiculously far behind on now! Oops) the prompts where Houndstooth along with Orange, Red and Yellow.

Red and Black Houndstooth

Sally Hansen Ruby Stiletto and Revlon Stiletto!

The two polishes I used for this are Sally Hansen Ruby Stiletto and Revlon Stiletto I only noticed the polish names after I had finished lol!

I also used Moyou Pro Collection 07 XL stamping plate for the houndstooth pattern, Konad special polish in black, some french tip guides and Seche Vite. 😀

Red and Black Houndstooth

Moyou Pro 07


Fantasy Fire Roses For My 100th Post!

Fantasy Fire Max Factor Roses

Fantasy Fire Roses

This is my 100th post 😀  Yay!

So today I have a Polish to show you that I keep meaning to get my grubby paws on and haven’t, until yesterday! That polish is Fantasy Fire from Max Factor!

It really is a stunning polish! it’s a mid shade purple gelly with loads of Duo-chrome micro glitter.

Fantasy Fire Max Factor Roses

Moyou Pro 07

Annoyingly I was having a really hard time with the stamping :/ it just didn’t want to work,  this was my third attempt lol

Anyway, I used:

  • Fantasy Fire – Max Factor
  • Good to Grape – Sally Hansen
  • Black – Konad Special Polish
  • Color Club Topcoat

I started with two coats of Good to Grape, It’s a really nice light purple but it takes ages to dry :/ when it was eventually dry I added two thin coats of fantasy fire. For the roses I used Moyou Pro plate 07 XL

Fantasy Fire Max Factor Roses

Fantasy Fire! So Sparkly!


Vampy Valentine’s Nail Art

I couldn’t wait to do some nail art over the Real Color Nail polish from my last post you can find that Here. The colour is so perfect for a Valentine’s Day Mani!

Valentines Day Nail Art

Valentines Day Nail Art

I started by making the gradient on my Thumb, Ring and Middle fingers, for that I used Revlon Black Magic. For my Index finger and Pinky I stamped using Messy Mansion Plate MM16 William Morris and friends, you can find that Here.

I also used an image from this plate for my Ring finger, I used Color Club Antiquated for that, it looks more silver than gold in the photos :/

Valentines Day Nail Art

Valentines Day Nail Art

For my Thumb and Middle finger I used Moyou Pro Plate 07 XL 

As a valentines day Mani goes I think that this one is really rather dark and vampy! 😀

But I’m not really a pastels kind of girl! 🙂

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