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31DC2014 Day 27 – Inspired By Artwork

Hello! πŸ˜€

Two posts in two days! oO this must be a miracle lol!

For today I decided to get messy and be inspired by Jackson Pollok!

I used the colours (well as close as I have in my stash) from his work Autumn Rhythm number 30.

Jackson Pollok Autumn Rhythm

You can find a out more about this piece Here

31DC2014 Inspired By Artwork

Inspired By Jackson Pollok

The polishes I used are

  • Color Club – Nomadic In Nude
  • Sally Hansen – Ion
  • Ciate – Pocket Money
  • Filthy Gorgeous – Twilight
Pollok Nails

Pollok Nails

I used two coats of Nomadic In Nude as the base, and then with a cotton bud (q tip) with both ends cut off I blew drops of the other polishes over my nails. I use a cotton bud rather than a straw as I found that I was picking up far too much polish and I was covering most of my hands as well as my nails!

I started with the darkest colour and finished with the lightest.

Then when they where mostly dry (it took ages) I added a thick layer of top coat!

Messy Splatter nails

Messy Splatter nails


31dc2014 – Inspired By a Pattern

Hey everyone! πŸ™‚

Today I have two very different attempts at the inspired by a pattern prompt!

Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to photograph my blue gingham nailsΒ  as soon as I had finished them so they all chipped and looking scruffy, so sorry about that!

Blue gingham Nails

For these nails I started out with a base of white on white from china glaze, for the gingham pattern I used a thin brush and my blue franken polish creation, you can find another post about it right here.

The black polish is Emotions from O.P.I It’s one of the Liquid sand range.

After I had finished the blue pattern I realized that I absolutely hated it! It looks like those dreadful plastic tablecloths! Ugh!


Purple stripe nails

Purple stripe nails

These where inspired by the pattern of my fluffy slipper socks lol!

I used two polishes for this, Poke from Illamasqua and Inkwell from Sinful Colors. I Have to say I’m much happier with this than the tablecloth nails! πŸ™‚

I started off with a coat of Poke, then when the first coat was dry I added alternating stripes of poke and inkwell, while the polish was still wet i used a pin to break up the edges of the stripes to give it a slightly fluffy look.

It was so easy! I added a coat of Seche Vite and it was all done! πŸ™‚

Purple and black stripes

nails inspired by stripy slipper socks lol

Moyou Nails Review!

Hi everyone! Today I have a review post for you, I had hoped to get this done last week but I ended up going away for work so I didn’t have the time. Booo!

Here are some rather lovely things from Moyou Nails!

These items where all sent to me for my honest review!

This is What The Lovely People At Moyou Nails Sent Me For Review

This is What The Lovely People At Moyou Nails Sent.

The package included

  • White stamping polish (my choice of colour)
  • Silicone stamper
  • Plastic scraper
  • Two image plates 101 and 103 (my choice of plates)
  • And the summer 2014 catalogue
Plates 101 and 104

Plates 101 and 103

Here are the stamping plates, they are 5.5cm across and have a paper backing, they are really nicely finished with no sharp edges and the etching looks very crisp and feels like a good depth.

Moyou Nails Stamper

Moyou Nails Stamper

Here is the (rather messy) stamper (I really should get a lint roll).

The stamping head is the same size as the large end of the Konad double ended stamper, I did find that the Moyou stamper is slightly firmer than the Konad one. It needed no preparation and it picked up the images really cleanly.

Glittery Owls

Glittery Owls

The first plate I tried is 101, look at those cute little owls!

The base polish is Skyscraper from China Glaze, I wanted to use a dark polish just to see how well the white stamping polish really works and as I was already wearing this polish and I thought it would be good to practice on, but it turned out so well I decided to keep it! πŸ˜€

I have to say I was not disappointed with the stamping polish! I’ve only ever used standard polish for stamping in white until now, so I don’t actually have anything to compare this with, but the difference is remarkable! πŸ˜€ I think I’m going to have to try a few other colours from the stamping polish range! πŸ˜€

Glitter Owls using Moyou Nails Plate 101

Glitter Owls using Moyou Nails Plate 101

The second plate I chose is plate 103, I decided to try the zebra print design.

Moyou Nails Review Zebra Tips

Moyou Nails Review Zebra Tips

It turns out that french tip stamps are probably the most difficult kind of stamp to get lined up and stamped evenly, and this was my third attempt, as I have quite a pronounced c-curve to my nails I found it was very difficult to use the firm stamper so I ended up using my purple squishy stamper for this mani.

The base colour I chose is Yummy Mummy from Butter London and the black on the tips is Twilight from Filthy Gorgeous.

I used tip guides to get the lines sharp with the black polish, then a thick coat of Seche Vite for a smooth surface to stamp on.

I found it much easier to line up the image by pressing my nail onto the stamper rather than the other way around!

Zebra French Tips

Zebra French Tips

This is the first time I have used products from Moyou Nails and I have to say I am impressed with the quality of plates and the lovely stamping polish!

Here is the Website for Moyou Nails if you would like to have a look at their other lovely things.

And you can find the facebook page right Here!


21DC2014 Day 24. Inspired By a Book – Frankenstein

31dc2014 inspired by a book frankenstein

Here’s my Inspired by a book mani, I may be cheating a bit by using imagery from the cover, But I honestly couldn’t have come up with anything better than this! lol

Frankenstein - Mary Shelly

Frankenstein – Mary Shelly

The polishes I used are

  • Nails Inc – Leather Effect Noho
  • Revlon – Black Magic
  • Chanel – Dragon
  • E.L.F – Matte Finisher
  • Barry M – Silver Nail Art Pen

red and black frankenstein nails

This is the first time I have used one of the Leather effect polishes from Nails Inc, I really like the subtle texture of this polish but I found the formula to be quite thick and it took ages to dry.

inspired by a book

The red polish is Dragon from Chanel, this polish seems to have turned into my go to red!

For the castle I used a thin brush it paint the image over two coats of black Magic from Revlon, then I added the little windows with the Barry M Silver Nail Art Pen. when it was dry I added the E.L.F matte topcoat.

frankenstein nails

For the lightning and the stitches I used the silver nail art pen, I didn’t add any topcoat so I wouldn’t cover the texture of the leather polish.

frankenstein inspired nail art

31dc2014 Day 23 Inspired by a Film

Here are my (Oh I’m so far behind) nails for day 23 I decided give The Birds another try πŸ™‚ you can find my first the Birds Mani right HereΒ .

The Birds

The Birds

the polishes I used are

  • Sally Hansen – Ion
  • Sinful Colors – Co0l Grey
  • Maybelline – Couture Grey
  • China Glaze – White on White
  • Chanel – Dragon
  • Konad – SP Black
  • Barry M – Nail art pen in Black

The stamping plate is MM14 from Messy Mansion

31dc2014 day 23

I started with a really light gradient with the three grey polishes, then I stamped on the the bird images with the konad polish, then when it had dried I used white on white for the next layer of birds!

I used my Barry M nail art pen or the image on my thumb. and for my middle finger I used a little bit of Dragon and a small dotting tool.

The Birds nail Art

Hopefully I’ll have more time for my little blog now that most of the busyness has been dealt with πŸ™‚

the birds

31DC2014 Inspired By A Song

I’m going to finish this challenge… Oh I really wish I had more hours in the day! If you have any spare and wouldn’t mind sending them my way I would be really grateful πŸ™‚

Dragon from Chanel

Dragon from Chanel

I have been wearing this mani for 4 days so it’s a bit messy looking :/

the song that I chose for this is by Type O Negative and the track is called Red Water (Christmas Mourning) I couldn’t find an official video but below is a link to the song if you want to have a listen!

Red Water (Christmas Mourning)

Messy Mansion MM11 and MM29

Messy Mansion MM11 and MM29

The polishes I used are

  • Dragon – Chanel
  • Vamp – Leighton Denny
  • Dazzle – Orly
  • Black Magic – Revlon
  • Black – Konad Special Polish
  • Seche Vite

And the stamping plates I used, HD03 and HD05 along with Messy Mansion MM11 and MM29

Leighton Denny Vamp and Orly Dazzle for the details

Leighton Denny Vamp and Orly Dazzle for the details

Starting with 2 coats of Dragon, using Vamp I used the wave image from MM29 for the red water background, I did find that the Leighton Denny polish dried really quickly on the stamper so getting it onto my nails was a little bit of a challenge!

The gravestones are on Plate HD03and the little coffins are from plate MM11 I used Konad SP black for those. Then using Black magic and a tiny brush I (badly) painted on the Mistletoe, for the berries I used my smallest dotting tool and Dazzle from Orly, I also used this polish for the snow flakes, they are all images from plate HD05! And finished it off with a coat of Seche Vite!

Then I spent 4 days rushing about doing stuff, a lot of stuff… most of it involved mud, pastry, poorly pets and filthy water, but luckily not all at the same time!

31dc2014 day 22

My nails usually look this chipped after one day! But 4 days! my nails had even grown a bit, which made the shrinking and cracking from the Seche Vite around the base of my nail really obvious! But never mind πŸ™‚

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