Scribbled Nails!

Hey! 🙂

scribble nail art

Today I have another new to me technique to share with you all 🙂

scribble nail art

This really was incredibly easy to do! I started by painting a square of polish (on my lovely pink silicone baking sheet) then scribbling over it with my smallest dotting tool, you could probably use a toothpick or folded hair slide and get the same effect.

When it had dried I added a layer of topcoat to make the decal!

scribble nail art

The polish I used as the base for this nail art look is Barry M – Orchid, and for the scribbled decals I used NYC – Evil and Seche Vite.

scribble nail art

I came across this technique from catching a few seconds of a nail art compilation video I saw in a facebook group, I don’t know if the post was removed as when I went back to look I couldn’t find it again :/

So if by any chance you know who came up with this please let me know so I can properly give them credit! 😀

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