A England Houndstooth Nail art

Hey everyone 🙂

A England Houndstooth Nail Art

I wasn’t planning on posting anything today but… I just had to share this with you!

I picked up some A England polishes in the Gothic weekend promotion and they arrived this morning, so of course I had to have a play with them. I tend to swatch one nail so I can get a vague idea of what a polish will be like.

So, I try the lovely dark blue Queen Of Scots, this has to be the creamiest, highly pigmented polish I have tried in a long time! It’s lovely!  My next polish test is to see if it’s going to be good for stamping…

A England Houndstooth Nail Art

Just look at it! The purple is Elaine also from A England.

I would think that Queen Of Scots will be just as vibrant over black polish!

The houndstooth stamping image is from Moyou Pro XL 07

A England Houndstooth Nail Art


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