Not Another Springtime Mani!

Hey Everyone!

Gothic Gradient Nail Art

I am so thoroughly not in the mood for “spring” nails! Pastel, pastel shades everywhere!

It’s definitely Spring, the plants are growing, the birds are singing and my cherry tree is covered in lovely flowers.

But I still want to paint my nails black! 🙂

This mani has roses, that’s kind of springtime(ish) yeah?

Gothic Gradient Nail Art

The gradient is Seance from Illamasqua, and Evil from NYC, the image is from Moyou stamping plate Gothic 03 and Hit The Bottle Black as Night.

I finished it off with a coat of Seche Vite then a layer of Illamasqua matte topcoat.

Gothic Gradient Nail Art

I realized earlier (while I was doing a spot of gardening) That my nails are to long! This is a bit gross but I could probably grow a decent sized potato from the amount of soil I had to clear out from under them! It’s also becoming increasingly challenging to pick up small things lol!

I almost chopped them all off earlier, but, I thought it would be fun to try some other nail shapes before I do! 😀

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