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Sleepy Owls – GOT Polish Brown


Sleepy Owls MM38

Sleepy Owls MM38

Here are my brown nails for the final week of the GOT polish challenge.

I’m not a big fan of brown nail polish, so I only have a very limited number of bottles to choose from! The Brown polishes I used are

  • O.P.I – You Don’t Know Jacques!
  • Revlon – Hot For Chocolate
  • Maybelline – Sugar Crystals
  • Seventeen – Moonstruck
  • Out The Door Topcoat
You Don't Know Jacques! And Hot For Chocolate

You Don’t Know Jacques! And Hot For Chocolate

I started off with a couple of coats of the O.P.I polish, then I stared at it for a while I had no inspiration what so ever… so I added the gradient with Hot For Chocolate, after it was all dry, cleaned up and top coated it was still “meh”

I think the phrase that sums this up is “You can’t polish a turd, but you can roll it in glitter!” A thick coat of Sugar Crystals later and it wasn’t looking so nondescript.

The image is from plate MM38 from Messy Mansion, I think the little owls are really cute!

Messy Mansion Plate MM38

Messy Mansion Plate MM38

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GOT Polish – Copper

Hello! I have some really sparkly polish to show you for the GOT Polish challenge today.

China Glaze Glitter Goblin

China Glaze Glitter Goblin

Glitter Goblin is a really sparkly copper and scattered holo polish! Glitter Goblin is from the 2012 Halloween Wicked collection.

Glitter Goblin with Messy Mansion MM05

Messy Mansion MM05

I used 2 coats of glitter goblin over black, then a coat of SV as the glitter felt quite textured.

The stamp is MM05 from Messy Mansion! and for the image I used Konad special polish in black. I finished it off with another coat of SV.

China Glaze Glitter Goblin

So Sparkly!

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GOT Polish Challenge – Indie

Hello! 🙂

Belle Glamour Discoball

Belle Glamour Discoball

For the GOT polish challenge this week I have chosen to use Discoball from Belle Glamour, It’s a polish I have used a few times but for some reason I haven’t shown it to you all on here,  which is very odd because it’s absolutely stunning!

DiscoBall is a densely packed with micro holographic glitter in a clear base, it took two coats to be opaque!

Belle glamour Discoball sparkles

look at the sparkles!

Here it is out of focus so you can see how amazingly sparkly it is!

Pet'la Plate Peacock 2

Pet’la Plate Peacock 2

The stamping plate I used is from Pet’la Plate. These are really lovely plates from Hungary which have deeper etching than a standard stamping plate!

Geometric Pattern

Geometric Pattern

I really like the geometric pattern of this stamp (even tho I messed up my little finger nail a bit) 😀

GOT Polish – Purple

Hi! 🙂

Purple Stripe Textured Nail Art

Purple Stripe Textured Nail Art

It’s Thursday so its GOT Polish Time again! The prompt for today is purple! Seeing as they where already on top of my polish pile I used a couple more of the Sally Hansen Nail Prisms, Burgundy Orchid And Ruby Sapphire.

purple duochrome striped nail art

Look at that colour shift!

I started out with a couple of coats of Ruby Sapphire, Then when it was dry I added the tape, then a thick coat of Black Magic from Revlon then while it was still wet I carefully applied a thick coat of Burgundy Orchid, and very VERY carefully removed the tape.

I did this one nail at a time, I think trying to do them all at once would be a world of sticky tape and polish horror…

Sally Hansen Ruby Sapphire and Burgundy Orchid

Ruby Sapphire and Burgundy Orchid

I’m having to use a hand cream that I don’t really like since I ran out of my beloved Body Shop hemp hand protector… ugh this stuff is so slimy, and bits of fluff keep sticking to me :/

Anyway I didn’t add any topcoat so the ribbed (for her pleasure *giggles*) texture would be more apparent!

Striped Purple Nails

the tape took ages!

I think this is a really fun mani, but it took ages, definitely not something to do if your pressed for time 🙂

Seeing as this is a got polish challenge mani here’s the link to the pinterest page so have a look at all the other wonderful purple nails 🙂

GOT Polish Challenge – Over a Black Base

Hi! 😀

Today’s prompt for the Got Polish Challenge is “Over a black base”

Chanel black satin with sally hansen nail prisms

Chanel Black Satin with Sally Hansen Nail Prisms

So how could I not dig out some of my favorite polishes of all time!

Nail Polish

Black satin from Chanel is with out a doubt one of the best black nail polishes ever! the formula is still glorious (I have had this bottle for around 3 years now)

The other polish, poor thing, it’s looking rather well loved, is Turquoise Opal from the Nail Prisms range by Sally Hansen. These where first released back in 2002! I have owned this bottle for at least 7 years!

Lovely, lovely striping tape

Lovely, lovely striping tape

I used one thin coat of Black Satin, then a coat of Seche Vite, when it was dry I applied two strips of striping tape, and carefully added a thin coat of Turquoise Opal.

Then I removed the tape with tweezers and added another coat of Seche Vite.

Turquoise Opal From Sally Hansen

Turquoise Opal From Sally Hansen

This mani is more topcoat than nail polish! 😀

GOT Polish Challenge – Over a White Base!

Hello! 🙂

GOT Polish Challenge Over a White Base

GOT Polish Challenge Over a White Base

It seems like ages since I last posted nail art for the GOT Polish Challenge! But that’s probably because it has been ages :/


For today’s prompt I chose a very simple stamped design, I used White on White from China Glaze… I think my bottle is now more polish thinner than actual polish… It’s probably time to retire it and get a new one!

I used Propaganda from Illamasqua to stamp the image, and the stamping plate is 07 from Moyou’s Suki collection.

Illamasqua Propaganda Over White on White China Glaze

Illamasqua Propaganda Over White on White China Glaze

Propaganda is getting to be a vhtf polish 😦 I have only found a couple of other dark blue jelly polishes with a similar colour intensity these are Blue-Topia from Color Club and L’orial Midnight Mistress.

Moyou Suki 07

Moyou Suki 07

I think this looks like Willow pattern from ceramic plates lol!

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