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Gothic Text Nail Art


Gothic Text Gradient Nail Art

My social media feeds have already been inundated with red and pink Valentines day manicures… I have to say I’m really not feeling it!

Gothic Text Gradient Nail Art

So… Here are my Gothic Text nails! 😀

Gothic Text Gradient Nail Art

I used Bettina – Iron, Sinful Colors – Snow Me White and Revlon – Stiletto for the radial gradient, The text is from Moyou Gothic Plate 04 along with Hit The Bottle – Black.

Gothic Text Gradient Nail Art


Franken Polish!!!

Hello! I hope you are having a lovely start to the week! 🙂

While I was ill I made five Franken Polishes!

If you haven’t come across the term “Franken Polish” before, basically it’s mixing polishes you already own to make something new and unique!

Pile of nail polish

I’m hoping it was because I was ill and full of medication, (rather than being scatterbrained and disorganized) but I didn’t actually write down which polishes I used…  But I did leave them all in a box…

I’ve mostly worked out which ones I mixed together, but the ratio of polishes, I have no idea :/ It’s a mystery!

Purple shimmer franken polish

The first one is this purple shimmery polish, this one is definitely made from a mix of Prosperity from Illamasqua, Little Misfit from Morgan Taylor and a few drops of one of the Jade Holographic polishes.

I have been asking myself one question while I have been trying these. “If I had brought this polish, would I be happy with it?”

This one is definitely a yes! Purple is one of my favorite nail polish colours ever, it’s pretty much one coat, (I did use two for this swatch) and it dries to a satin finish, and the slight holographic sparkle stops it from looking flat and dull.

I’m really happy with this one 😀

The next polish is this glittery dark blue jelly.

blue jelly glitter franken polish

After a close inspection of the bottle, this polish looks to be a combination of Blue Dahlia from Estee Lauder, Rimmel London – Finishing Touch Glitter Topcoat, Barielle Shades – Stardust, Filthy Gorgeous – Rock Chick and Maybelline Express Finish – Flash Cosmic.

This is such a pretty blue polish! It’s a shame it doesn’t apply very well… Hopefully all it needs is a drop or two of thinner. As is is right now, I have to say it’s like trying to paint my nails with lumpy jam!

The colour and glitter are really pretty but if I had brought this, I would send it back!

Next up is this dark silver/black holographic polish.

black silver holographic franken polish

The ingredients in this one was actually quite easy to work out. just two polishes in this one, Sally Hansen – Pure Midnight and Jade – Estasy.

It’s a really pretty sheer scattered holo polish (I’m really pleased with this one)

would I be happy with this if I had brought it? with out a doubt yes!

grey gold glitter franken polish

I don’t know what I was thinking when I made this grey one… I like grey polish, but I really don’t like this…

It’s made from Illamasqua – Raindrops, Bettina – Iron, Different Dimension – Light Year and Daring Digits – Batman

On their own each of these polishes are lovely, but when combined they become a thing of horror. HORROR!

Some of this polish dries the moment it’s applied to the nail, so the first coat was lovely, fast drying, really good amount of glitter. The second coat appears to re liquefy the first coat and changes the consistency to something resembling scrambled egg. Ugh!

This photo is from the second time I tried it, I left half an hour between the two coats and it was still a bit lumpy. I added two layers of Seche Vite to try and even it out lol

I hope that I never receive anything like this from a polish company.  It needs a stake through it and burying at a crossroad!

pink shimmer franken polish

Here is the last one! This pink is (as far as I can tell) a mixture of Pink Raindrops and Collide both from Illamasqua and Glass Slipper from Sally Hansen.

Pink Raindrops from Illamasqua is one of the most disappointing nail polishes I have ever brought. but I’m sure I’ll find some use for it! (even if it is just mixing it with other ones)

This is another polish that I’m not convinced about, it applies really nicely, and it’s really sparkly, but that shade of pink, it’s really not a shade that I would be drawn to. Maybe I mixed this one in the dark lol

If this was a darker or more purple toned pink it would be lovely, it’s opaque in two coats and dried quickly so yes, I would be happy with it if I had brought it!

I think next time I make some franken polishes I’m definitely going to write everything down lol! 🙂

Born Pretty Nail Shield Review

*Press Sample*

Hello! 🙂

Born Pretty nail shield review

Here is a rather pretty 3d Nail Shield that has kindly been sent to me for review from Born Pretty

the nail shields are available here Born Pretty Nail Shield the style I’m wearing today is number 20!

Born Pretty nail shield review

The first thing I have to say is that these where sent to me when my nails were quite a bit shorter, they have been in my to do pile for quite some time.

This style of nail shield would be perfect on shorter square nails!

they are really easy to attach to the nail either by pressing one into a thick layer of topcoat (which is what I did) or you could use nail glue if you want them to be even more secure.

Born Pretty nail shield review

One thing about these is that they are quite flat, I do have quite a pronounced c curve, so I actually had to bend it with some pliers so it fitted my nail shape. it only took a couple of seconds to do but if you have curved nails like me it’s something thats worth considering.

Born Pretty nail shield review

I think these are really pretty and they are very easy to apply!

And don’t forget you can use the code RPG10 for 10% off your order at born pretty 🙂

Misty Graveyard Halloween Nail Art

Hello! 🙂

Misty Graveyard Nail Art

Today I have a Misty Halloween Graveyard to show you! Even though this took ages I am so pleased with this!

Misty Graveyard Nail Art

The Idea for this mani has been lurking around in by brain for a while, I just haven’t had the time to sit down and do it. But I suppose this is a good thing to come out of the last couple of nights of insomnia.

Misty Graveyard Nail Art

Close up I think it looks a little bit like snow!

After a bit of experimenting with polishes I ended up with just the right combination of sheerness and glitter to be able to build up the misty look on the nail without loosing to much detail.

To make my franken jelly polish I used

  • Clear nail polish
  • Illamasqua – Raindrops
  • ILNP – My Private Rainbow

In a little 5ml polish bottle I mixed a one quarter raindrops to three quarters of clear polish, then as an after thought I added three drops of my private rainbow.

Misty Graveyard Nail Art

I started out with my usual base coat and then a layer of Raindrops, when that was dry I added the first stamped gravestones on the top half of my nail, then a layer of topcoat, and a coat of the franken polish.  I had to apply the extra layers of topcoat because the franken polish mix dissolved the stamping polish.

Then the next layer of stamping slightly further down the nail, and then repeating the layers of polish.

Then the last lot of stamping I added a little black polish between the last gravestones then a final coat of topcoat.

In total this mani took nine coats of polish (not counting the stamping).  Surprisingly it didn’t feel really thick.

Misty Graveyard Nail Art

I really like this technique, and I’m definitely going to be trying this again, even if it does take absolutely ages 😀

Sparkly Grey Edge Gradient with LLA01


In the interests of full disclosure, I received the leadlight lacquer Stamping plate free of charge, but not for review. The wonderful people over at Messy Mansion sent me a couple extra plates when my last order went missing. How lovely is that!? 🙂

Grey Edge Gradient

This mani is one of the ones I created before disappearing for a while, I liked this one far too much not to share it with you.

Grey Edge Gradient

I really love the look and how easy edge gradients are, the only down side is that they are really messy, a lot more so than a standard across the nail gradient!

I do find that a tiny bit of petroleum jelly/Vaseline rubbed around the cuticle area helps with clean up a huge amount, when the polish is dry it can be wiped away with a tissue, or a gentle scrub with a nail brush.

Grey And Black edge gradient nail art

The products I used are

  • Leadlight Lacquer A01
  • Illamasqua – Scorn
  • Illamasqua – DWS
  • Hit The Bottle – Black
  • Seche Vite
  • Maybelline – Sugar Crystals

Edge Gradient nail art Macro


Grey Water Marble Nail Art with Studs from BPS

*Press Sample*

Hello! 😀

Grey Water Marble

Grey Water Marble

Today I have these shiny silver studs from Born Pretty to show you!

born pretty nail art studs

Born Pretty Nail Art Studs

The studs are made from thin metal, they are really light and slightly flexible while keeping quite a domed profile.

I applied them by pressing them into wet topcoat. You could always use nail glue to apply them if you want them to be a bit more secure.

French Tip

French Tip

The studs are available here Born Pretty Triangle Nail Stud and you can get 10% off with the code RPG10!

Grey water marble born pretty nail art studs

born pretty nail art studs

For my grey water marble I used

  • Sinful Colors – Cool Grey
  • Barry M – Grey
  • China Glaze – Out Like a Light

I’m really pleased with how well these three shades work together! (does happy dance)

For the french tip the silver polish is I’d Melt For You from China Glaze, and I used french tip guides to keep them all even.

Grey water marble nail art

Grey water marble


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