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My Favorite Posts Of 2015

Hello! Happy New Year! πŸ™‚

Because I have a foul and horrible cold it looks like I’m not going to be doing anything for new year. Booo! So I’ve decided to cheer myself up a bit by revisiting some of my favorite nail art looks of 2015!

I’m going to start with this Fiery purple Mani!

Purple Flames nail art

This flame filled nail art I created for the Pick and Mix Challenge, I used Sally Hansen HD in Cyber, I’d Melt For You from China Glaze and Konad Special polish in Black.

The stamping plate is MM27 from Messy Mansion.

You can find the original post here

I really like colour changing/ UV reactive nail colours, I think I’ll getting a few (by a “few” I really mean a lot) more next year!

Ruby Wing Gradient

The difference between inside and outside is huge! πŸ™‚ Hehe I even received a couple of messages from people who thought this was two different manicures oO

Ruby Wing Gradient

I used In Your Dreams, Desert Valley and Crowd Surf all from Ruby Wing and the stamping plate is from Born Pretty!

You can find out more about this look here

Next is my Misty Graveyard nails!

Misty Graveyard Nail Art

This mani made me so happy! I do love Halloween! I think I’m going to try and recreate it as some nail polish jewelry!

Here my original Misty Graveyard post

This purple gradient!

Purple and Black Gradient With BN05

If there is a reason for me to love stamped gradients it’s this mani! The stamping plate is from the Bridal Nail Collection from Messy Mansion

You can see all the products I used here

Another stamped mani I loved are these metallic stripy roses

Metallic stripey rose nail art

This was another Mani for the Pick and Mix Challenge! For this I used Artemis (purple) and Aglaia (teal) from the 2true Metallica Collection and all of the striping tape! πŸ™‚ I did try to find a link for where to buy these polishes… But I couldn’t find one, I do hope they haven’t been discontinued as they really are amazing metallic polishes for stamping!

Here is the original post about them

Neko Atsume Nail Art

I couldn’t leave out my super cute Neko Atsume nails! the original post is here and yes I am still playing the game! πŸ˜€ and no I haven’t got all the cats yet 😦

Holographic Watermarble

This holographic water marble for your viewing pleasure! The original post is here

Water marbling is still a very hit and miss technique for me, and Ive definitely managed to miss more lol. I should probably practice more πŸ˜€

And finally this double stamped leadlight mani! This one didn’t photograph too well but it was so pretty!


The original double stamped rose post you can find here

Haha I just noticed that most of these manicures are Purple, Black and Silver! Hmm I wonder what my favorite nail polish colours of 2015 could be…

Since my camera died (that was a bad day) I’ve really felt that my photography has suffered, so on my list of stuff I need is a new camera! I have made my mind up on getting a Bridge camera of some sort, I did have a look at getting a DSLR but I think I have enough stuff to be geeky over already, and going down that route I really can see it becoming a very expensive hobby! πŸ™‚

I’m not really one for new years resolutions, but there are a couple of things that I really would like to do for my little blog, The first thing is my blog layout, I do like the theme I use at the moment, but it’s not exactly what I want, and I definitely want to keep the monochrome colour scheme, as I find really brightly coloured backgrounds really distracting and draw attention away from the images. I haven’t found exactly what I’m looking for, but I’m sure I’ll come across something I like πŸ™‚

Another thing I want to do is to create a blog logo, This is probably something I should have done right at the beginning when I first started my blog, but for some reason I just haven’t sat down and started to design it!Β  That’s going to be something fun to look forward to doing! πŸ™‚

Last year I was really rubbish at sharing anything to any social media platforms, I only kept up with twitter and G+ because they are automatically posted… Me + Social Media + 2015 = really rubbish :/ But I did finally get round to sorting out my Instagram yay! So next year ( or this year depending on when you are reading this) I’m going to comment more on other bloggers wonderful posts, share more of my work in the lovely nail art groups I’ve joined, possibly do another nail art challenge (but probably not the 31 days tho lol) πŸ˜€

I really hope you will/have had a fabulous start to 2016 and that this new year brings you Glitter, Happiness and Inspiration!



Rhinestone Spider!


Hello! πŸ˜€

Rhinestone Spider Born Pretty

Rhinestone Spider

Today I have some cute RhinestoneΒ spider nail gems that have been sent to me for review from BornPretty to show you.

Rhinestone Spider


You can find them right here! Born Pretty Rhinestone Spiders and if you use the code RPG10 you can get 10% off!

Rhinestone Spider

NYC 001 – Evil

The other things I used for this mani are

  • NYC – Evil
  • Color Club – Lumin-Iceant
  • Moyou Pro Collection XL stamping plate 05
  • Seche Vite

I started out with two coats of Evil, it’s a nice black cream but, that name! Evil! Who thought that one up? ugh!

I used Lumin-Iceant to stamp the spiderweb design from Moyou Pro 05 and topped it off with a coat of Seche Vite

When that had dried it was time to apply the spider, But I found this…

Rhinestone Spider

Not very flat at all!

The back of the spider wasn’t flat, it looks to be something to do with the manufacturing process.

So I decided to remove it using an old metal nail file, it only took a couple of minutes and it worked really well! Although it was a little bit fiddly to keep a good grip on the spider while filing as they are tiny!

Rhinestone Spider

Rhinestone Spider

Now I have a flat bottomed spider. I applied a thick coat of Seche Vite to my ring finger nail and positioned it on my nail using tweezers, and gently pressed it onto the nail until the topcoat had dried.

Rhinestone Spider

Rhinestone Spider

I think these little spiders are really cute, but I really like spiders! πŸ˜€

Tiger Stripe Caviar Stamped Nail Art

Hi! πŸ™‚

Today I have some stamping over Caviar Beads to show you!

Ciate Caviar Pearls with Stamping

Ciate Caviar Pearls with Stamping

I didn’t come up with this idea, I saw it somewhere on the internets, and now I can’t find the post anywhere 😦 I would love give credit to who ever it is that came up with this amazing idea! πŸ™‚

I used a Ciate Mini set that has been in my untried pile for ages. the set contains Cookies and Cream Polish and Caviar Pearls called Shooting Star.

Cookies and Cream, Shooting Star

Cookies and Cream, Shooting Star

Cookies and cream is a nude creme, the colour is similar to a very milky tea, for a light coloured nude polish it’s even too pale for me! I don’t know if it’s because it’s old but the application was an absolute pain! So it’s not one that I’ll be wearing on it’s own. and I’m glad the caviar pearls covered the bunching and the bald spots!

The pearls are a really pretty mixture of mostly gold along with silver, clear and iridescent dotted throughout.

I applied them according to the instructions on the box, and waited for around 20 minutes for them to fully dry.

The stamping plate is Moyou XL Pro 04, I decided on the tiger print as it’s a bold and simple image, I think stamp images with a lot of detail would get lost amongst the pearls!

I stamped over the pearls as I would usually stamp my nails, I did use my extra soft Marshmallow stamper, I don’t think that it would be possible to do this using a firm stamper, without firing the tiny pearls across the room…

Moyou XL Pro 04 Over Caviar Pearls

Moyou XL Pro 04 Over Caviar Pearls

I do think this is really pretty, unfortunately it’s clearly not something that would last more than a few hours.

31DC2014 – Red Nails

I am doing the 31 days of Colour nail art challenge!Β  On top of the GOT polish challenge (I must be mad)!

Chanel Rouge Noir Stamped over Sally Hansen Ruby Stilletos

Chanel Rouge Noir Stamped over Sally Hansen Ruby Stilletos

I am doing this challenge along with some very talented people in the NPQ G+ community If you’re not a member I would really recommend joining! πŸ˜€

And this is what we’ll be doing

Originally from nail art 101

Originally from nail art 101

My red nails for Day 1

Red Butterflies nail Art

Red Butterflies

I started with a couple of coats of Ruby Stilletos from Sally Hansen. This is a really lovely polish, it’s a bright red with loads of red glitter! The butterflies are from Moyou stamping plate Pro Collection XL 05, using Rouge Noir from Chanel. Then finished it off with a coat of Color Club Topcoat.

The Right way round!

The Right way round!

This is the first time I have tried a red on red stamp and I really like the result πŸ™‚

Hmmm what to do for tomorrow’s nails?….

Got Polish Challenge – Purple!

Hallo again! πŸ™‚ Here are my Purple nails for this weeks GOT Polish Challenge πŸ™‚ Sorry about the lack of posts last week I have had a really crazy week! I’ll tell you about it in my my post tomorrow πŸ™‚

Purple Zebra Gradient

Purple Zebra Gradient

For my purple nails I started with a coat of White on White from China Glaze, then I used Baptiste and Poke from Illamasqua and a little bit more White On White for the sponged gradient.

For the Zebra stripe stamp I used some more Baptiste and Moyou Pro plate 04XL.

Purple Zebra Gradient

Purple Zebra Gradient

Look at that sneaky bit of glitter on my middle finger… Grrr! It must have hitched a ride on the sponge, I didn’t notice it until I was cropping the photos!

Don’t forget to have a look at the other amazing GOT polish challenge nails on the Pinterest page! you can find that by clicking *Here*

Swirly Clouds! With Moyou Suki 08

I decided that the Ducato polish from my last post would make a nice base colour for some stamping, and I finally get to use one of my new Moyou plates! πŸ˜€

I used plate 08 from the Suki collection.

Moyou Suki 08 over Ducato Polish

Suki Collection 08

I’m so glad that the cloud pattern on the plate is big enough for my whole nail, even my thumb! I find that on a lot of the large image/picture plates most of the individual patterns are just too small.

For stamping the clouds I used Lumin-Iceant from Color Club. The range of foil polishes from Color Club are amazing for stamping! πŸ˜€

The butterflies (I think they look more like bows) are also from the same Suki plate, I used Konad special polish in Black. it was a bit fiddly to clean the stamp up quickly enough before applying them to my nails.

Moyou Suki 08 over Ducato Polish

Moyou Suki 08 over Ducato Polish

I really like the grey/silver combination even tho my camera decided to show more of the blue tones in this polish.

I think that if i redo this mani I’ll use a couple of larger butterflies rather than lots of small ones!

Moyou Suki 08 over Ducato Polish

Moyou Suki 08 over Ducato Polish

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