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Rhinestone Spider!


Hello! 😀

Rhinestone Spider Born Pretty

Rhinestone Spider

Today I have some cute Rhinestone spider nail gems that have been sent to me for review from BornPretty to show you.

Rhinestone Spider


You can find them right here! Born Pretty Rhinestone Spiders and if you use the code RPG10 you can get 10% off!

Rhinestone Spider

NYC 001 – Evil

The other things I used for this mani are

  • NYC – Evil
  • Color Club – Lumin-Iceant
  • Moyou Pro Collection XL stamping plate 05
  • Seche Vite

I started out with two coats of Evil, it’s a nice black cream but, that name! Evil! Who thought that one up? ugh!

I used Lumin-Iceant to stamp the spiderweb design from Moyou Pro 05 and topped it off with a coat of Seche Vite

When that had dried it was time to apply the spider, But I found this…

Rhinestone Spider

Not very flat at all!

The back of the spider wasn’t flat, it looks to be something to do with the manufacturing process.

So I decided to remove it using an old metal nail file, it only took a couple of minutes and it worked really well! Although it was a little bit fiddly to keep a good grip on the spider while filing as they are tiny!

Rhinestone Spider

Rhinestone Spider

Now I have a flat bottomed spider. I applied a thick coat of Seche Vite to my ring finger nail and positioned it on my nail using tweezers, and gently pressed it onto the nail until the topcoat had dried.

Rhinestone Spider

Rhinestone Spider

I think these little spiders are really cute, but I really like spiders! 😀

Thoroughly Unfestive Tropical Fish Manicure!

Hello! 🙂

Today I have some thoroughly unfestive tropical fish nail art to share with you 🙂

tropical fish leadlight nail art

Tropical Fish

I recently replanted my fish tank with loads of plants! It looks really nice now and my fish look really happy (well as happy as fish can look)!

For this I started with a couple of coats of Lumin-iceant from Color Club, I really like this polish, it’s a blue toned silver foil polish and it’s opaque in one coat.

tropical fish leadlight nail art

MM21 and MM09

I used two stamping plates from Messy Mansion, MM21 for the scales and MM09 for the fish, along with konad special polish in black.

For the leadlighting chose to use some tinted polishes that I mixed myself, you can find the post about them Here. I used my dark blue, purple and red ones.

tropical fish leadlight nail art

Tropical Fish Leadlight Nail Art

Here’s a bonus (rather rubbish) photo of my fish tank.

fish tank

Fish Tank!

In a couple of months when the plants have grown in a bit I think it’s going to look lovely!

Swirly Clouds! With Moyou Suki 08

I decided that the Ducato polish from my last post would make a nice base colour for some stamping, and I finally get to use one of my new Moyou plates! 😀

I used plate 08 from the Suki collection.

Moyou Suki 08 over Ducato Polish

Suki Collection 08

I’m so glad that the cloud pattern on the plate is big enough for my whole nail, even my thumb! I find that on a lot of the large image/picture plates most of the individual patterns are just too small.

For stamping the clouds I used Lumin-Iceant from Color Club. The range of foil polishes from Color Club are amazing for stamping! 😀

The butterflies (I think they look more like bows) are also from the same Suki plate, I used Konad special polish in Black. it was a bit fiddly to clean the stamp up quickly enough before applying them to my nails.

Moyou Suki 08 over Ducato Polish

Moyou Suki 08 over Ducato Polish

I really like the grey/silver combination even tho my camera decided to show more of the blue tones in this polish.

I think that if i redo this mani I’ll use a couple of larger butterflies rather than lots of small ones!

Moyou Suki 08 over Ducato Polish

Moyou Suki 08 over Ducato Polish

Anti Valentines Nail Art!

Today I have some very Anti Valentine’s day nails to show you!

Anti Valentines Day Nails

Anti Valentines Day Nails

I don’t think I could have made this any less valentine’sy!

I started out with two coats of Pumice From Sally Hansen, then using a make up sponge I applied patches of Pure Midnight which is also a Sally Hansen Polish.

Then I used a combination of cling film and tiny bits of sponge to add Barry M Grey, China Glaze Galactic Grey and Color Club Shabby Drab to create the stone effect.

Anti Valentines Nail Art

Anti Valentines Nail Art

I used two Bundle Monster Plates BM-426 and BM-413 for the stamping, I used Konad Special Polish in Black, then with a thin brush I added some Lumin-iceant from Color Club to the letters.

I also used Lumin-iceant for the stamping on my thumb, unfortunately it doesn’t show as well as I would like 😦

Anti Valentines day Nail Art

Anti Valentines day Nail Art

I finished it off with a coat of Seche Vite, but then decided it would look better in matte so I added a coat of Matte Finisher from E.L.F!

I think that’s enough hate nails from me! And I hope you have a lovely Valentine’s day what ever you are doing! 🙂

Bird Cage Nails

I couldn’t resist doing a bit of stamping over Eternal Basic nuru 06 from yesterdays post!

Bird Cage Nail Art

Bird Cage Nails

I used Messy Mansion plate MM14 Which you can find here

For the little birds I used Color club Lumin-Iceant which is a lovely icy blue/silver foil.

I had a bit of trouble with getting the stamp for the cages to work, so I made a stamped decal using Color Club topcoat, Konad Special Polish in Black, and some more of the Lumin-Iceant. I had a bit of trouble sticking the top corner of the decal to my nail but I think that’s just because I made it a bit to thick.

Bird Cage

I really like how this turned out, I have to say I don’t think that I have ever worn a pastel shade for so long lol

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