Misty Graveyard Halloween Nail Art

Hello! 🙂

Misty Graveyard Nail Art

Today I have a Misty Halloween Graveyard to show you! Even though this took ages I am so pleased with this!

Misty Graveyard Nail Art

The Idea for this mani has been lurking around in by brain for a while, I just haven’t had the time to sit down and do it. But I suppose this is a good thing to come out of the last couple of nights of insomnia.

Misty Graveyard Nail Art

Close up I think it looks a little bit like snow!

After a bit of experimenting with polishes I ended up with just the right combination of sheerness and glitter to be able to build up the misty look on the nail without loosing to much detail.

To make my franken jelly polish I used

  • Clear nail polish
  • Illamasqua – Raindrops
  • ILNP – My Private Rainbow

In a little 5ml polish bottle I mixed a one quarter raindrops to three quarters of clear polish, then as an after thought I added three drops of my private rainbow.

Misty Graveyard Nail Art

I started out with my usual base coat and then a layer of Raindrops, when that was dry I added the first stamped gravestones on the top half of my nail, then a layer of topcoat, and a coat of the franken polish.  I had to apply the extra layers of topcoat because the franken polish mix dissolved the stamping polish.

Then the next layer of stamping slightly further down the nail, and then repeating the layers of polish.

Then the last lot of stamping I added a little black polish between the last gravestones then a final coat of topcoat.

In total this mani took nine coats of polish (not counting the stamping).  Surprisingly it didn’t feel really thick.

Misty Graveyard Nail Art

I really like this technique, and I’m definitely going to be trying this again, even if it does take absolutely ages 😀

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