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Pink and Purple Cherry Blossom! Moyou Stamped Decal Nail Art

I have been making stamped decals again! 😀 this time I used images from two of my Moyou plates, 01 and 02 from the Suki Collection.

The polishes I used!

  • Barielle Shades – Grape Escape
  • Color Club – Ulterior Motive
  • Revlon – Sweet Revenge (the pink one from the duo)
  • Barry M – Shocking Pink
  • Sally Hansen – Ivory Skull
  • Revlon – Calla Lily
  • Konad Special Polish – Black
  • Color Club – Topcoat
Pink and Purple Cherry Blossom

Pink and Purple Cherry Blossom

I started off by making the flowers, you can find how I made them here.

I used Grape Escape and sponged on a little Ulterior Motive on the tips as the base colour, when that was dry I applied the flowers using the Color Club Topcoat like glue! 😀

When that was all dry,  I applied a couple more coats of topcoat to seal all of my decals in! In some places on my nails there must be at least 6 layers of polish, it feels really thick like Gel! It took ages to dry, about half an hour :/

Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom

I really liked making the cherry blossom decals, even tho the tiny flowers where a bit fiddly to paint! The time it took to get them all on my nails was rather a lot longer than I would have liked, then getting them to stick was a pain! I think that it’s because I made them to thick, but I’m going to have to try out some other clear polishes to find the best one for decal making! 😀

This is still quite a new technique to me, practice makes perfect and all that! 😀

A Little Nail Art Round Up! My top 5 Posts Of 2013

Here’s a little round up of my five favorite posts of my first year of blogging. Well I’ll say a year but I have only been blogging for just over four months lol!

I have added a link in the title of each picture if you would like to see the whole post 🙂

Starting at the beginning…

 Glittery Owls

Glittery Owl

MoYou Suki 01 plate over Barry M Pink Silver Glitter polish

This was my very first post and I still absolutely love this! Well apart from the terrible clean up 😀 Pink silver glitter is one of my favorite Barry M polishes to stamp over!

Blue and Purple Rose Nails

The finished blue and purple rose nails.

Blue and Purple Rose Nails.

This is another one I love, I’m hopefully going to be redoing this in another colour 🙂 Well if I remember!

Halloween Nail Art

Halloween Nail Art

Halloween Nail Art

I love Halloween and this has been my most popular post! Way more popular than I ever thought! 🙂 So a huge thank you to everyone that shared it! 😀 But lets ignore how painfully dry my poor hands are in the photo, and that dreadful watermark lol!

First Attempt At Braided Nail Art

Braided nails!

Braided nails!

This was my first attempt at braided nails and it’s a technique that I really enjoy! next year I’m hopefully going to be doing a lot more like this! And maybe even a tutorial! 😀

Matte Cherry Blossom

Matte Cherry Blossom

Matte Cherry Blossom

And finally the matte cherry blossom nails, It reminded me how much I love my matte polish!

Looking back through these five pictures I can see how much my photography skills have improved, as well as my photo editing/watermarking, as well as the overall health of my hands and nails 🙂 Not too bad for four months! 😀

I would like to say a huge thank you to all of my fellow nail art bloggers for all of your help and advice, and to my wonderful followers and visitors (and stalkers?)  for taking the time to visit my little corner of the internet!

I hope that 2014 brings you all manner of good things! 🙂

Matte Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Nail Art.

After all the experimenting with crackle polishes I thought I should let my poor fingers have a rest from the polish remover for a couple of days! I have been using loads of Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream, and thankfully now I no longer have quite so crispy cuticles 😀

Today I found my e.l.f Matte topcoat! 😀 It was rather dried out and unhappy looking 😦 but with a bit of acetone and a good mix it is back to it’s very non shiny self! 😀

For this I started with a coat of Greige Gardens from Sally Hansen, when the first coat had dried I used the Greige Gardens and Amethyst from Sinfulcolors for the sponged gradient, this took three coats! The Cherry Blossom stamp is from Moyou Suki collection 02 I used Konad special polish for the image, One coat of Seche Vite to seal the image. Then when it had dried I applied my revitalized e.l.f. Matte topcoat.

I had forgotten how scratchy the brush is in the matte topcoat so I ended up using one of my larger nail art brushes to apply it.

I had also forgotten how much I love Matte polish! 😀

Little Silver Owls

After a busy day yesterday I now have a Facebook Page and a page on Google+ 😀 Setting those up took rather a lot longer than I thought, so I ended up not having enough time to write anything after doing these cute silver owls!

Silver Little owls

Silver Little owls

For this I started with a sponged gradient of Revlon – Black Magic, Maybelline – Couture Grey, Sally Hansen – Pumice and Nina Ultra Pro – French White.

For the stamping I used Moyou Suki Collection 01 with Barielle shades Night Moves and finished it off with a coat of Color Club 60 second topcoat.

Silver Little owles over grey graident

I used the same part of the Moyou plate for the Glitter owls in my first post!

Little silver Owls

This was a nightmare to photograph, my poor camera was absolutely hating it, unfortunately the photographs don’t show all of the detail 😦 so you’ll have to take my word on how amazing this looks lol!

Girly Gradient Nail Art With Glitter and Flowers!

Pink and Blue Gradient Nails

I started with a sponged gradient of Sinful colors Paradise which is a light blue creme and Daredevil the bright pink, then one thin coat of Ariel from Chit Chat, which is a blue holo glitter in a clear base.

I used Konad SP in black for the flowers, the stamping plate is Moyou Suki collection 02 Then a coat of color club top coat.

Snow Leopard Nail Stamping!

First of all I would like to say sorry about the lack of posts for the last few days, I have been filled with flu :/ Ugh I hate being ill :/

I to start with I thought that I would be able to keep up with my blog posts but after I stuck tissue to my face with wet nail polish while sneezing I thought it would be best to leave it for a bit Lol!

Anyway, Snow Leopard Nails!

Snow leopard Nails

Snow leopard Nails

For this I used two coats of Ivory Skull from Sally Hansen (I love the name of this polish so much). Then I used a sponge to add some patches of Couture Grey from Maybelline and Night Moves from Barielle Shades. For the stamping I used Black Magic from Revlon.

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