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Grey Water Marble Nail Art with Studs from BPS

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Hello! 😀

Grey Water Marble

Grey Water Marble

Today I have these shiny silver studs from Born Pretty to show you!

born pretty nail art studs

Born Pretty Nail Art Studs

The studs are made from thin metal, they are really light and slightly flexible while keeping quite a domed profile.

I applied them by pressing them into wet topcoat. You could always use nail glue to apply them if you want them to be a bit more secure.

French Tip

French Tip

The studs are available here Born Pretty Triangle Nail Stud and you can get 10% off with the code RPG10!

Grey water marble born pretty nail art studs

born pretty nail art studs

For my grey water marble I used

  • Sinful Colors – Cool Grey
  • Barry M – Grey
  • China Glaze – Out Like a Light

I’m really pleased with how well these three shades work together! (does happy dance)

For the french tip the silver polish is I’d Melt For You from China Glaze, and I used french tip guides to keep them all even.

Grey water marble nail art

Grey water marble


Winter Trees


Winter Tree Nail Art

Winter Tree Nail Art

Just in time for this weeks pick and mix challenge! I decided to go with the glitter topper from this weeks two prompts.

Winter Tree Nail Art Moyou Mother Nature 14

Moyou Mother Nature 14

For this I used

  • Sinful Colors – Cool Grey
  • Barry M – Crystal Glaze
  • E.L.F – Matte Finisher
  • Konad – Black
  • Moyou – Mother Nature Plate 14
  • Seche Vite
Winter Tree Nail Art

Matte Iridescent Glitter

I really love how adding matte topcoat over Iridescent flakie glitter looks like opal! 😀

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