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31DC2014 Day 19 Galaxy Nails!

Here are my (much shorter) day 19 Galaxy Nails!

Galaxy Nails

Galaxy Nails

The polishes I used for this are,

  • Twilight -Filthy Gorgeous
  • Strap On Your Moon Boots – China Glaze
  • Ruby Sapphire – Sally Hansen
  • Get Outta My Space – China Glaze
  • Barry M Nail are pens in black and silver
  • Seche Vite
Purple Holographic Galaxy Nails

Purple Holographic Galaxy Nails

I decided on the China Glaze polishes as I wanted this to be shimmery, without being too metallic (if that makes any sense) and the Ruby Sapphire for it’s lovely purple blue duo-chrome shift!

After I had  sponged on the galaxy pattern I used the silver nail art pen to draw on the stars. I couldn’t resist the little UFO! 😀

Then I sealed it all in with a coat of Seche Vite

Purple Holographic Galaxy Nails

Purple Holographic Galaxy Nails

Pastel Galaxy Ruffian Nails! (almost a disaster)

Purple Pastel Galaxy Ruffian Nail Art

Pastel Purple Galaxy Ruffian Nail Art

I decided to have a try at a pastel pink and purple galaxy mani, I thought it would be nice to try using some “spring time” colours than black lol!

So I sponge my galaxies add my stars and my glitter, tidy up my fingers and add my topcoat. It was quite late so I decided to go to bed and photograph my nails in the morning (hopefully with some sunshine)

The next day (after my second cup of coffee when I was feeling slightly more human) I noticed it…  Epic shrinking, I honestly haven’t seen anything like it! The polish had shrunk round the edge of my nail but not from the free edge oO

The base colour was still exactly where I had applied it and so was the topcoat! The only way I can think of to describe it is like a sandwich without enough filling! I really should have taken a picture!

After staring at it for a while I realized that I could try removing the flappy bits of topcoat and paint round the edges to make a (almost) ruffian mani.

Purple Ruffian Galaxy Nails

Purple Ruffian Galaxy Nails

The polishes I used:

  • Barry M – Blueberry.
  • Sally Hansen – Good To Grape.
  • Barielle Shades – Stardust.
  • Barry M – Shocking Pink.
  • Maybelline – Lilac Charm.
  • Seventeen – Pinking Shear.
  • Sinful Colors – Cinderella.
  • Sally Hansen – Lavender Envy.
  • Illamasqua – Baptiste.
  • Barry M – Pink Flamingo.

I started off with a couple of coats of Blueberry, which is a really pretty pale blue cream.

I added a few drops of Good To Grape, Shocking Pink, Lilac Charm, Pinking Shear and Pink Flamingo onto a plastic box lid (they are great for mixing polish)  I then used a small bit of sponge and some tweezers to dab the polish into my nails.

When that was dry I did the same with Cinderella and Lavender Envy, I applied three iridescent stars to each nail and painted on a little bit of stardust, when it was dry I applied Color Club topcoat.

Purple Ruffian Galaxy Nails

Purple Ruffian Galaxy Nails

Then the shrinky doom happened!

I used a nail art brush and pure acetone to remove the flappy edges of the nail polish, Then using a very tiny brush I used Baptiste to fill the gap! Cleaned up my cuticles and the rescue was complete!

Purple Ruffian Galaxy Nails

Purple Ruffian Galaxy Nails

I think I managed to rescue this reasonably well! I’m just wondering, has anything like this shrinking ever happened to your nails?

Glittery Galaxy Nails

Here is another first for me! Galaxy Nails! 😀

Galaxy Nails

Galaxy Nails

I used loads of nail polishes for this, I started with a base of Vamp Polish From Eyeko, then using a tiny bit of sponge I added a little bit of Blackened Bleu from Barielle shades and Alias from color club. Blackened Bleu is a lovely black jelly with dark blue and turquoise glitter, Alias is a dark blue jelly with purple duo-chrome glitter, it’s really pretty!

At this point it looked like a patchy gradient, after it had dried I added Gorgeous from sinfulcolors this polish is a bright turquoise metallic with a light gold sheen and secret agent from color club which is a light purple metallic polish. I put a drop of each polish next to each other onto an old plate and picked up both colours with my trusty bit of makeup sponge, and added a tiny bit to each nail.

when it was all dry I used Night Moves from Barielle shades for the stars, and the fine holo glitter is Sparkling silver from no.7

I finished it with a coat of fast dry topcoat from color club.

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