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Sparkly Blue Water Marble!

I actually had some time to do some nail art! Yay! 😀 So here is a very sparkly water marble!

Sparkly Blue Water Marble

Sparkly Blue Water Marble

The polishes I used are

  • White on White – China Glaze
  • Tempest – China Glaze
  • Thinking Of Blue – Sally Hansen
  • Dive Deeper – Sally Hansen
  • Sparkling Silver – No7
  • Topcoat – Color Club

I started with a coat of White on White, when that was dry I taped my fingers and started on the water marble. I started with two drops of Thinking of Blue, Tempest then Dive Deeper, followed by two rounds of one drop of each polish in the same order (if that makes any sense)

I created the petal pattern by dragging the polish out from the center with a tooth pick, and then back from the outside to the center between the petals.

After I dipped my nails, waited a bit for them to dry and cleaned round my cuticles I added a coat of Sparkling silver then I finished it off with my top coat!

Sparkly Blue Water Marble

Sparkly Blue Water Marble

I really do like how my middle finger turned out! 😀

Pink Panda! Stamped Decal Nail Art.

The weather has been so horrid recently, all grey and miserable. So I decided that painting some bright sparkly nails would cheer myself up!  😀

Pink Panda Nail art

Pink Panda Nails ( and yes my hand is upside down)

I don’t think that you could get much more bright and sparkly than this! 😀

I started by making the Pandas using the Stamping Decal technique, using Bundle Monster Plate BM-424. Using Konad special polish black and Sally Hansen-Ivory Skull along with my Color Club topcoat.

While they where drying I applied two coats of Essie-Tour De Finance, followed by one very thin coat of No7- Sparkling Silver, I only have a tiny bit left and this polish was discontinued years ago (cries) but I have found the closest Polish like it, Fairy Dust from China Glaze!

Pink panda and Bamboo Nails

Podgy Panda On My Thumb

I used more of the top coat to stick the Decals to my nails, lucky it’s not a fast drying one, as I had to poke them around a bit to get them into the right place! And then squash them a bit to get an annoying bubble out from underneath :/

The Bamboo image was also on Bundle Monster Plate BM-424 and again I used Konad SP in black.

I still haven’t found a better black stamping polish than the Konad one. I know that Moyou have recently brought out a range of stamping polishes but I haven’t seen any good reviews :/

Panda Nails

Panda Nails

I finished them all of with another coat of Color Club topcoat. Amazingly it covered up all the little crinkles and fingerprints from my poking and squishing!

After having a play about with the stamping decal technique I really think it’s something I’m going to be doing a lot more of! It’s so much fun and it’s really opened up a whole new dimension to using stamping plates! I might even write a tutorial about it… But I think I need a bit more practice first! 🙂

Glittery Galaxy Nails

Here is another first for me! Galaxy Nails! 😀

Galaxy Nails

Galaxy Nails

I used loads of nail polishes for this, I started with a base of Vamp Polish From Eyeko, then using a tiny bit of sponge I added a little bit of Blackened Bleu from Barielle shades and Alias from color club. Blackened Bleu is a lovely black jelly with dark blue and turquoise glitter, Alias is a dark blue jelly with purple duo-chrome glitter, it’s really pretty!

At this point it looked like a patchy gradient, after it had dried I added Gorgeous from sinfulcolors this polish is a bright turquoise metallic with a light gold sheen and secret agent from color club which is a light purple metallic polish. I put a drop of each polish next to each other onto an old plate and picked up both colours with my trusty bit of makeup sponge, and added a tiny bit to each nail.

when it was all dry I used Night Moves from Barielle shades for the stars, and the fine holo glitter is Sparkling silver from no.7

I finished it with a coat of fast dry topcoat from color club.

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