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Holographic Watermarble!

Hey! 🙂

Holographic Watermarble

Holographic Watermarble

Here’s my pick and mix mani for this week! I chose holographic from this weeks two prompts!

Holographic Watermarble

China Glaze Get Outta My Space and OPI Lincoln Park After Dark.

For this watermarble I used China Glaze Get Outta My Space and OPI Lincoln Park After Dark along with Barry M Black for the base colour.

Holographic Watermarble China Glaze Get Outta My Space and OPI Lincoln Park After Dark.

In the sun

There was even a tiny bit of actual sunshine, in between the rain and hail. Yay! 😀

Holographic Watermarble China Glaze Get Outta My Space and OPI Lincoln Park After Dark.

shades of pink purple and silver

I’m surprised that with using just these two polishes, there are so many shades of pink and purple in this mani!

I think I’m going to have to do some watermarble experimenting with dark colours! 😀

OMG Nail Strips Review!

I have some nail strips kindly sent to me for review from OMG to show you today! You can find them here! http://www.omgnailstrips.com/

OMG Nail Strips

OMG Nail Strips

I have never used nail strips before, so this was definitely a new experience for me!

OMG Nailstrips Grey Pollock

Grey Pollock

First I have the Grey Pollock design to show you, and you can find these right here http://www.omgnailstrips.com/nail-polish-strips/black-pollock-nail-strips.

The first strip I tried I managed to mess up terribly! lol so after reading the instructions and watching the Video right here  I removed it and started again.

These are really sticky, so if you mess one up, make sure to remove it with polish remover, I tried to picking the strip away and took a layer of nail off too :/ Oops!

My second try worked really well! no creases or bubbles, applying all the strips took less than 5 minutes!

OMG Nailstrips Grey Pollock

Grey Pollock

This picture was taken after two bowls of washing up (no rubber gloves) a shower and making some biscuits! And as you can see the wraps are still perfect!

I don’t know if they will last for the 10 days, but from what I put them through I think they will last a bit longer than a traditional polish mani!

OMG Nailstrips pink stars

Pink and Black Stars

Another fun thing about these polish strips is that you can cut them into what ever shape you would like!

These are the pink stars and you can find them here http://www.omgnailstrips.com/nail-polish-strips/pink-black-stars-nail-polish-strips

For the little circles I used the two largest size strips, I found they are too big for my nails and I would have to cut them to size if I wanted to use them anyway. I used my hole punch! 🙂 then peeled away the backing and applied them to my nail. Even after using the largest I still have enough left for a full mani using them!

The black polish is from Barry M and I used a layer out the door topcoat.

OMG Nailstrips pink stars

Pink And Black Stars

These nail strips currently retail at $7.99 a pack (that’s around £5 in the uk)  there is also an offer for 5 packs for $25 using the code 5pack and 10 for $45 using the code 10pack there is also free international shipping!

I have to say I really like that each strip has the width measurement in mm, it makes selecting the correct size for each nail much easier, although I did find that they are a touch on the large size, so if you have small nail beds you’ll have to do a lot of trimming!

I think these nail strips are amazing if you are not confident with doing your own nail art! 🙂

You can also find OMG Nail strips on

Instagram @omgnailstrips #omgnailstrips

Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/OmgNailStrips

Leadlight Coffin Nail Art

Hello 🙂

Leadlight Coffin Nail Art

Coffin Nails

Today I have some more Halloween nails to show you! 😀

Messy Mansion MM11 Coffin Nail art

Messy Mansion MM11

The polishes I used are

  • Barry M – Black
  • Seventeen – moonstruck
  • Zoya – Kotori

This is a very quick and easy mani! 🙂

After painting my nails with the black Barry M polish, I stamped the Coffin image from MM11 with Moonstruck then using a very thin brush I filled in the coffins with Kotori. Then added a coat of Seche Vite.

Barry M Black, Seventeen Moonstruck and Zoya Kotori

Barry M Black, Seventeen Moonstruck and Zoya Kotori

Including the cleanup this took less than 15 minutes! 😀

China Glaze – All Aboard and Choo-Choo Choose You!


Today I have two polishes to show you from the China Glaze All Aboard Collection!

These have been kindly supplied to me for review from nailpolish.co.uk! They have also given me a rather lovely 10% discount code to share with you! 🙂 and you can find that at the end of this post!

China Glaze All Aboard

All Aboard

The first polish is All Aboard. This is a mid purple cream with a grey/blue undertone. This is a really lovely autumnal purple shade.

I found the formula to be slightly thin but it was very easy to apply, dried quickly and took 3 coats to be opaque. I really like this colour and I couldn’t resist a little accent nail!

Oh and it water marbles really nicely too!

One thing I did find a little annoying is that when painted over O.P.I natural nail base coat it bubbled like crazy, But when I applied it over my usual Collection Ridge filling base coat it was absolutely fine.

This is three coats of All Aboard over Collection ridge filling base coat, with no topcoat.

China Glaze All Aboard

China Glaze All Aboard

This polish is called Choo-Choo Choose You.

Choo-Choo Choose You

Choo-Choo Choose You

This is a really pretty purple grey duo-chrome shimmer. The application was really easy, the polish flows really nicely from the brush. I did find the polish was a little patchy on the first couple of coats but is fully opaque in three.

This is three coats of Choo-Choo- Choose You over O.P.I Natural Nail base coat.

China Glaze Choo-Choo Choose You

China Glaze Choo-Choo Choose You

It really was a pain to show the colour shift in this polish but after some hand yoga and some creative camera placement I managed to get a rather rubbish picture lol!

This is favorite from these two polishes, it really is lovely!

China Glaze Choo-Choo Choose You

China Glaze Choo-Choo Choose You

I almost forgot! The black polish I used for the water marble accent nails is Black from Barry M this is also available from nailpolish.co.uk But I brought my bottle on the high street ages ago 🙂

The discount code is “CLAW” which gives 10% off all orders until 31st March 2015.

Robot Nails

Hi! 🙂

Robot Nails

Robot Nails

Today I have been inspired by Robots!… Well not so much robots but pretending to have robot fingers while I was using the foil method to take off the glitter from my last mani lol!

My nails are a bit to long to use the Bundle Monster plates now :/ so I decided to have a go at stamping over a ruffian.

For this I used

  • Barry M – Black
  • Seventeen – Moonstruck
  • Barry M – Black nail art pen
  • Stamping plate BM 415
  • Seche Vite
circuit board bundle monster stamp

circuit board stamp

Starting with a base of Barry M black, I then applied Moonstruck over the top. When it was dry I tidied up the edges with the black nail art pen.

For the stamping I used Konad SP black and my marshmallow stamper, I had a bit of difficulty with the image, I think it’s because it’s not etched very deeply… Ugh it was a pain :/

circuit board stamp ruffian nail art

BM 415

But after a lot of swearing and repeatedly using tape to remove the image when it went wrong, (which it did, a lot) I eventually got it finished. 🙂

Ruby Wing Dotticure


Today I have a Ruby Wing colour changing dotticure to show you!

Ruby Wing Crowd Surf

Ruby Wing Crowd Surf

I picked this bright pink one up in my local Sally’s and the shade is called Crowd Surf.

I applied two coats of Crowd Surf over my usual base coat, the formula for this polish is lovely and it dries really quickly which is always a bonus!

For the dots I used a medium dotting tool with Barry M Black, Orly Velvet Rope and Poke from Illamasqua.



I really thought that it was only going to change colour a little bit. I was really surprised that it actually changes to much! I really like the dark purple shade!

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