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OMG Nail Strips Review!

I have some nail strips kindly sent to me for review from OMG to show you today! You can find them here! http://www.omgnailstrips.com/

OMG Nail Strips

OMG Nail Strips

I have never used nail strips before, so this was definitely a new experience for me!

OMG Nailstrips Grey Pollock

Grey Pollock

First I have the Grey Pollock design to show you, and you can find these right here http://www.omgnailstrips.com/nail-polish-strips/black-pollock-nail-strips.

The first strip I tried I managed to mess up terribly! lol so after reading the instructions and watching the Video right here  I removed it and started again.

These are really sticky, so if you mess one up, make sure to remove it with polish remover, I tried to picking the strip away and took a layer of nail off too :/ Oops!

My second try worked really well! no creases or bubbles, applying all the strips took less than 5 minutes!

OMG Nailstrips Grey Pollock

Grey Pollock

This picture was taken after two bowls of washing up (no rubber gloves) a shower and making some biscuits! And as you can see the wraps are still perfect!

I don’t know if they will last for the 10 days, but from what I put them through I think they will last a bit longer than a traditional polish mani!

OMG Nailstrips pink stars

Pink and Black Stars

Another fun thing about these polish strips is that you can cut them into what ever shape you would like!

These are the pink stars and you can find them here http://www.omgnailstrips.com/nail-polish-strips/pink-black-stars-nail-polish-strips

For the little circles I used the two largest size strips, I found they are too big for my nails and I would have to cut them to size if I wanted to use them anyway. I used my hole punch! 🙂 then peeled away the backing and applied them to my nail. Even after using the largest I still have enough left for a full mani using them!

The black polish is from Barry M and I used a layer out the door topcoat.

OMG Nailstrips pink stars

Pink And Black Stars

These nail strips currently retail at $7.99 a pack (that’s around £5 in the uk)  there is also an offer for 5 packs for $25 using the code 5pack and 10 for $45 using the code 10pack there is also free international shipping!

I have to say I really like that each strip has the width measurement in mm, it makes selecting the correct size for each nail much easier, although I did find that they are a touch on the large size, so if you have small nail beds you’ll have to do a lot of trimming!

I think these nail strips are amazing if you are not confident with doing your own nail art! 🙂

You can also find OMG Nail strips on

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