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Red and Black and Pointy!

Hi 🙂

Just a quick post today! Some simple red and black nails created with the help of some striping tape!

Come to Bed Red from Butter London and  Barry M Black

Come to Bed Red from Butter London and Barry M Black

I started off with Come To Bed Red from Butter London, this is one from my untried pile! It’s a really lovely shade and was really easy to apply, but it unfortunately took four coats to be opaque so definitely not a polish to go for if you are in a hurry!

Then (when it was dry) I used striping tape to mark out the triangle shapes and filled them in with Barry M Black, I removed the tape while the polish was still wet so it didn’t remove the polish along with it.

For some reason I added some striping tape to my ring finger… It seemed like a good idea at the time, now I really don’t like it :/ Unfortunately I realized after I had added the top coat!

Come to Bed Red from Butter London and  Barry M Black

my nails look so much longer!

This design really makes my nails look longer so I think I’ll try to ignore the offending bits of striping tape! 🙂

Got Polish Challenge -Skittle! Matte Black and White.

For the GOT Polish Challenge this week I have this black and white matte skittle to show you 🙂

But first here’s a quick recap of the rules!


  • The polish you use should be at least one year old.
  • If you haven’t been a polishaholic that long, you can use the oldest polishes you have.
  • The polish should be previously used, but if you’re stuck, you could free a yearling from Mount Untried.
  • You can use more than one polish as long as it fits the theme and the rules.

I used three polishes for this, (four if you count the matte topcoat) White On White from China Glaze, Barry M Black and Konad SP in Black.

My camera decided that it hated these nails so there’s only one picture today :/

Black and White Matte Skittle

Black and White Matte Skittle

I started off by painting my thumb, index and ring fingers with two coats of the White polish, and my middle and little finger with two coats of the Black

Starting with my thumb, the stamp I chose is from plate MM09 from Messy Mansion, then I applied a coat of my usual topcoat and waited for it to dry.

I used a makeup sponge for the gradient on my index finger, it took two coats before I was happy with the amount of black.

My middle finger was easy, I just applied the white polish with a medium sized dotting tool.

The water marble on my ring finger was a bit of a pain, the black polish was a bit too thick to spread on the water, so I ended up using  a little dish to thin some of the polish with a little acetone, I used a striping brush to add drops of it to the water. I’m really happy with how it turned out! all those different shades of grey!  My water marble was going so well, until an annoying little bubble that I didn’t notice before I added my topcoat and I ended up dragging some polish across the design. Grr!

I changed my mind on what I was going to do on my little finger. Originally I was going to do something with striping tape but after doing all my other nails I really didn’t feel like doing anything complicated so I just taped over the end of my nail and applied white over the black, I should probably have just removed the black polish and started again but for some reason, I didn’t think of it at the time lol. It took three coats to cover the black, and the edge is a bit fuzzy. but I think it turned out ok! 🙂

Then I decided that it needed some nail studs so I stuck them on with some more topcoat, when it was dry I applied a coat of Matte. And it was all finished!

Golden Oldie Challenge

Don’t forget to check out the GOT Polish challenge Pinterest page! You can find that right Here

China Glaze and Barry M Dotted Gradient Nails

My new Dotting tools turned up in the post today, along with my new set of Nail art Brushes! Yay!

So here is a Dotty Gradient!

Dotty Gradient

Dotty Gradient

For this I used Stella from China Glaze, This polish is a dark metallic purple red, and Black from Barry m.

I started with one coat of Stella, then used a sponge to create the gradient, this took two coats, then I used one of the medium sized dotting tools to add the dots, I finished it off with some fast drying topcoat from Color club.

Black And Teal Bamboo Nails!

Here’s some pretty bamboo nails that I did a couple of weeks ago, I didn’t have a chance to post them at the time 😦 but here they are now! 🙂

Black and Teal Bamboo Nail Art

Black and Teal Bamboo Nail Art

I used Plate Moyou XL Suki Collection 06 and for the base colour I used Black from Barry M, The silvery teal colour that I used for the stamping is Masquerading from color club. Then I sealed it all in with a coat of Seche Vite.

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