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Leadlight Coffin Nail Art

Hello 🙂

Leadlight Coffin Nail Art

Coffin Nails

Today I have some more Halloween nails to show you! 😀

Messy Mansion MM11 Coffin Nail art

Messy Mansion MM11

The polishes I used are

  • Barry M – Black
  • Seventeen – moonstruck
  • Zoya – Kotori

This is a very quick and easy mani! 🙂

After painting my nails with the black Barry M polish, I stamped the Coffin image from MM11 with Moonstruck then using a very thin brush I filled in the coffins with Kotori. Then added a coat of Seche Vite.

Barry M Black, Seventeen Moonstruck and Zoya Kotori

Barry M Black, Seventeen Moonstruck and Zoya Kotori

Including the cleanup this took less than 15 minutes! 😀

Moyou London Gothic Collection plates 1 to 4 Review


Today I have the first four plates from the Moyou Gothic Collection to show you!

Moyou Gothic Collection

Moyou Gothic Collection

I have to say I haven’t really been that interested in the more recent collections from Moyou London, but then they had to go and bring this collection out… Oh my poor bank account!

Moyou Gothic Collection plates 01 and 02

Moyou Gothic Collection plates 01 and 02

I have to say after doing all of these I have realized I’m definitely better at stamping onto my nails than onto paper, lol there was polish everywhere!

Plate 01

Plate 01

Plate number 1!

With all Moyou plates I have used the images transfer really cleanly and this plate is no exception! I really like the Dr Who(-ish) weeping angel, the spooky tree, and the couple of symbols from the TV show Supernatural.

There’s one thing that bugs me about these full image Moyou plates, (its with all of them, so not just the Gothic Collection ones) there will be an amazing pattern, for example the patterns on the roof of the carousel, each of those would make amazing full nail designs, but they are they are just to small :/ and they aren’t repeated anywhere else in the collection. Gah! But enough of me complaining 🙂

I think this plate is closer to a Halloween theme rather than a Gothic one, It really is very cute and there are a lot of images I’ll definitely be using! So I’m not saying that as a bad thing! 🙂

But I just have to say the middle image on the bottom row… Nothing screams goth like a googly eyed fish monster! lol

Plate 02

Plate 02

Plate 2 was actually the last plate that I stamped onto paper so sorry about the mess :/ I was starting to get really board!

I love the key and lock images, I found them to be a really good size for my nail length, but they may be a touch too long for really short nails. I have a couple of stamping plates with keys on and they are plain and boring, but these little keys have a lot of detail!

I did find that the little skull and crossbones didn’t pick up as well as the other images, (it could just have been me getting sloppy with my technique) I’m going to group them with the nine sets of vampire teeth as images I’m not particularly interested in.

I really like the Celtic knots, I have a few ideas for those already. The ankhs and the skull in a top hat… Very Alchemy Gothic!

Moyou Gothic Collection Plates 03 and 04

Moyou Gothic Collection Plates 03 and 04

On to plates 3 and 4!

Plate 03

Plate 03

These are both Xl plates, I found that the single images are way too big, even for my thumbs! But they might be good for my big toe nails! 🙂 or they may become useable with some creative stamper squishing!

From the images on plate 3 I think the lace skull is amazing! I actually like all of the lace images from this plate. From plate 4 the images for me that really stand out are the text, tree and the crow. The only image I had a problem with stamping is the little cemetery, it needs a light touch with the scraper, it’s far to easy to scoop out the polish from the center of the hill.

plate 04

plate 04

Here are a couple more pictures of the mani I created while messing about with these plates!

Moyou Gothic Collection Purple Glitter Nail art

Goth Nails!

The polishes I used are

  • Good To Grape – Sally Hansen
  • Fantasy Fire – Max Factor
  • Twilight – Filthy Gorgeous
  • Black – Konad
  • Moonstruck – Seventeen

I started with a couple of coats of Good To Grape, followed by two coats of Fantasy Fire, on my ring finger I used two coats of Twilight.

On my thumb I used the tree image from plate 1 double stamped with konad black and moonstruck, on my index finger nail the rose and fishnet image along with the lace skull on my ring finger nail are both from plate 3, the text on my middle finger is from plate 4 and finally on my little finger nail the key and lock are both from plate 2.

Then a nice thick coat of Seche Vite!

Moyou gothic collection nail art

Fantasy Fire, Good To Grape, Twilight and Moonstruck!


Sleepy Owls – GOT Polish Brown


Sleepy Owls MM38

Sleepy Owls MM38

Here are my brown nails for the final week of the GOT polish challenge.

I’m not a big fan of brown nail polish, so I only have a very limited number of bottles to choose from! The Brown polishes I used are

  • O.P.I – You Don’t Know Jacques!
  • Revlon – Hot For Chocolate
  • Maybelline – Sugar Crystals
  • Seventeen – Moonstruck
  • Out The Door Topcoat
You Don't Know Jacques! And Hot For Chocolate

You Don’t Know Jacques! And Hot For Chocolate

I started off with a couple of coats of the O.P.I polish, then I stared at it for a while I had no inspiration what so ever… so I added the gradient with Hot For Chocolate, after it was all dry, cleaned up and top coated it was still “meh”

I think the phrase that sums this up is “You can’t polish a turd, but you can roll it in glitter!” A thick coat of Sugar Crystals later and it wasn’t looking so nondescript.

The image is from plate MM38 from Messy Mansion, I think the little owls are really cute!

Messy Mansion Plate MM38

Messy Mansion Plate MM38

Don’t forget to have a look at the pinterest board!


Robot Nails

Hi! 🙂

Robot Nails

Robot Nails

Today I have been inspired by Robots!… Well not so much robots but pretending to have robot fingers while I was using the foil method to take off the glitter from my last mani lol!

My nails are a bit to long to use the Bundle Monster plates now :/ so I decided to have a go at stamping over a ruffian.

For this I used

  • Barry M – Black
  • Seventeen – Moonstruck
  • Barry M – Black nail art pen
  • Stamping plate BM 415
  • Seche Vite
circuit board bundle monster stamp

circuit board stamp

Starting with a base of Barry M black, I then applied Moonstruck over the top. When it was dry I tidied up the edges with the black nail art pen.

For the stamping I used Konad SP black and my marshmallow stamper, I had a bit of difficulty with the image, I think it’s because it’s not etched very deeply… Ugh it was a pain :/

circuit board stamp ruffian nail art

BM 415

But after a lot of swearing and repeatedly using tape to remove the image when it went wrong, (which it did, a lot) I eventually got it finished. 🙂

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