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31DC2014 -Day 25 – Inspired By Fashion

Hallo! For day 25 of the (am I ever going to get this finished) 31DC2014 challenge, I have chosen this rather amazing dress from the Fall/winter 2014 collection from Alexander McQueen!

Alexander McQueen Fall/Winter 2014-2015

Alexander McQueen Fall/Winter 2014-2015

The whole collection is rather amazing! you can find more of the collection here

Anyway on to the nails!

Inspired By Fashion

I used Tickle My French-y from O.P.I for the nude base then the Black is Twilight from Filthy Gorgeous, and the white is Ivory Skull from Sally Hansen.

I have to admit that I’m not amazingly happy with how this turned out, It looked a lot closer to what I had imagined before I applied the top coat, the brush strokes gave it a lot more of a textured almost fuzzy look, rather than my nails looking a bit like moldy strawberries lol!

31DC2014 Inspired By Fashion

I started out with 3 coats of the O.P.I polish, it’s a lovely colour that I won in a giveaway along with 3 other O.P.Is 😀 I’ll post swatches and a proper thank you to the lovely lady who ran it when I eventually finish this challenge!

Then using a thin brush I painted on the zig-zag pattern and started to fill in the rest of my nail with the black, then I added the white in wiggly lines…

I’m annoyed that I didn’t think to take photographs before adding the top coat :/ but I had to take this off quite quickly because of having a job interview so I had to have slightly more sensible nails!

Inspired By Fashion

Even though this didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped (I’m going to blame the fact that I’m dreadfully out of practice) It’s not that terrible, I think this would look nice with replacing the white with a bright colour, maybe a neon blue or purple!

31DC2014 Day 9 Rainbow Nails

Rainbow Nail art

Rainbow Nails

here are my rainbow nails for day 9 I started with a coat of white, I used Ivory Skull from Sally Hansen.

Then I used these polishes for the gradient,

  • Illamasqua – Poke
  • China Glaze – Frostbite
  • Sinful Colors – Happy Ending
  • Maybelline – Electric
  • Rimmel – Double Decker Red

It took three coats, then I applied a thin coat of Prism from Filthy Gorgeous for some sparkle.

After fighting with nail tape for around half an hour I gave up and freehand painted the stripes, which is why they are a bit wobbly lol!

rainbow nails

rainbow nails

I think these are a bit too bright and colorful for me!

Blue Jelly Sandwich! Using My First Franken Polish!

I made my first franken polish! 😀

I had a clear mini polish ( I think it was a top coat) from a cheap glitter set I picked up, and I knew that I was never going to use it so instead of leaving at the back of a draw, forgotten and covered in dust I decided to mix it with some other polishes to make something I would (hopefully) like and use!

Blue Jelly Sandwich

Blue Jelly Sandwich

I emptied the mini clear polish into a larger nail polish bottle then I added around eight drops of Propaganda from Illamasqua, I really love the dark blue colour of Propaganda, it’s so intensely pigmented that eight drops was enough for the blue colour.

I wanted my blue jelly to have a bit of shimmer so I mixed in some Mikado from Astor, this is a teal/green duo-chrome (ish) colour. I have swatched this polish once and it’s not as nice on as it looks in the bottle, so i’m glad that I got to use it for something. I must have added around twenty drops of it before I was happy with it.

Then I added four/five drops of Strap On Your Moon Boots from China Glaze, as you can’t go wrong with a bit of holo sparkle!

My First Franken Polish

My First Franken Polish

For the stamp I used Ivory Skull from Sally Hansen and Moyou Suki collection plate 02 I used three coats of my franken jelly polish with a stamp between each layer!

I’m rubbish at naming things so… What do you think I should I call my new polish?

Pink and Purple Sugar Skulls!

I have wanted to do some sugar skull nails for ages! And I have finally got the chance to do them 😀

Pink and Purple Sugar Skull Nail Art

Sugar Skulls

I started with two coats of Poke from Illamasqua. Poke has to be one of my favorite purple varnishes! It’s so vibrant 😀 for the skulls I made decals using this technique here! I used Ivory Skull from Sally Hansen and Hot Like Lava from Color Club along with Konad special polish in black for the stamping!

I used plate BM-413 from the Bundle Monster CYO set. I found that the large skull image was fine for my thumb nail but it was a little bit wide for my ring finger. it took  a bit of repositioning the decal before it looked right.

on my other fingers I used one coat of Black Magic from Revlon topped with Chit Chat Pink Glitter!

sugar skull nail art

Sugar Skull nails

I am definitely going to be doing something like this around Halloween! 😀

Pink and Purple Cherry Blossom! Moyou Stamped Decal Nail Art

I have been making stamped decals again! 😀 this time I used images from two of my Moyou plates, 01 and 02 from the Suki Collection.

The polishes I used!

  • Barielle Shades – Grape Escape
  • Color Club – Ulterior Motive
  • Revlon – Sweet Revenge (the pink one from the duo)
  • Barry M – Shocking Pink
  • Sally Hansen – Ivory Skull
  • Revlon – Calla Lily
  • Konad Special Polish – Black
  • Color Club – Topcoat
Pink and Purple Cherry Blossom

Pink and Purple Cherry Blossom

I started off by making the flowers, you can find how I made them here.

I used Grape Escape and sponged on a little Ulterior Motive on the tips as the base colour, when that was dry I applied the flowers using the Color Club Topcoat like glue! 😀

When that was all dry,  I applied a couple more coats of topcoat to seal all of my decals in! In some places on my nails there must be at least 6 layers of polish, it feels really thick like Gel! It took ages to dry, about half an hour :/

Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom

I really liked making the cherry blossom decals, even tho the tiny flowers where a bit fiddly to paint! The time it took to get them all on my nails was rather a lot longer than I would have liked, then getting them to stick was a pain! I think that it’s because I made them to thick, but I’m going to have to try out some other clear polishes to find the best one for decal making! 😀

This is still quite a new technique to me, practice makes perfect and all that! 😀

Pink Panda! Stamped Decal Nail Art.

The weather has been so horrid recently, all grey and miserable. So I decided that painting some bright sparkly nails would cheer myself up!  😀

Pink Panda Nail art

Pink Panda Nails ( and yes my hand is upside down)

I don’t think that you could get much more bright and sparkly than this! 😀

I started by making the Pandas using the Stamping Decal technique, using Bundle Monster Plate BM-424. Using Konad special polish black and Sally Hansen-Ivory Skull along with my Color Club topcoat.

While they where drying I applied two coats of Essie-Tour De Finance, followed by one very thin coat of No7- Sparkling Silver, I only have a tiny bit left and this polish was discontinued years ago (cries) but I have found the closest Polish like it, Fairy Dust from China Glaze!

Pink panda and Bamboo Nails

Podgy Panda On My Thumb

I used more of the top coat to stick the Decals to my nails, lucky it’s not a fast drying one, as I had to poke them around a bit to get them into the right place! And then squash them a bit to get an annoying bubble out from underneath :/

The Bamboo image was also on Bundle Monster Plate BM-424 and again I used Konad SP in black.

I still haven’t found a better black stamping polish than the Konad one. I know that Moyou have recently brought out a range of stamping polishes but I haven’t seen any good reviews :/

Panda Nails

Panda Nails

I finished them all of with another coat of Color Club topcoat. Amazingly it covered up all the little crinkles and fingerprints from my poking and squishing!

After having a play about with the stamping decal technique I really think it’s something I’m going to be doing a lot more of! It’s so much fun and it’s really opened up a whole new dimension to using stamping plates! I might even write a tutorial about it… But I think I need a bit more practice first! 🙂

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