Blue Jelly Sandwich! Using My First Franken Polish!

I made my first franken polish! 😀

I had a clear mini polish ( I think it was a top coat) from a cheap glitter set I picked up, and I knew that I was never going to use it so instead of leaving at the back of a draw, forgotten and covered in dust I decided to mix it with some other polishes to make something I would (hopefully) like and use!

Blue Jelly Sandwich

Blue Jelly Sandwich

I emptied the mini clear polish into a larger nail polish bottle then I added around eight drops of Propaganda from Illamasqua, I really love the dark blue colour of Propaganda, it’s so intensely pigmented that eight drops was enough for the blue colour.

I wanted my blue jelly to have a bit of shimmer so I mixed in some Mikado from Astor, this is a teal/green duo-chrome (ish) colour. I have swatched this polish once and it’s not as nice on as it looks in the bottle, so i’m glad that I got to use it for something. I must have added around twenty drops of it before I was happy with it.

Then I added four/five drops of Strap On Your Moon Boots from China Glaze, as you can’t go wrong with a bit of holo sparkle!

My First Franken Polish

My First Franken Polish

For the stamp I used Ivory Skull from Sally Hansen and Moyou Suki collection plate 02 I used three coats of my franken jelly polish with a stamp between each layer!

I’m rubbish at naming things so… What do you think I should I call my new polish?

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