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Blue Leopard French Tip!

Here’s my Blue Leopard French Tip nails I painted a couple of days ago!

Blue Leopard French Tip

Blue Leopard

I used Revlon Black Magic as the base colour, then using my trusty french tip guides I stamped the leopard print on tips of my nails, I find that this is much easier than trying to get french tip shaped stamps lined up!

The blue polish I used is Cold Metal from Color Club. It’s amazing for stamping! 😀 then I added the sparkly rhinestones to my ring finger I used tweezers to position them in a dab of wet topcoat.

I finished off my nails with a coat of Seche Vite!

Blue Leopard French Tip

Blue Leopard French Tip

Black and Blue Gradient… Or The Unfinished Nails!

Something rather strange happened today… I was planning on creating a stamped gradient but I did the sponging and my nails where so pretty that I just couldn’t bring myself to stamp over them! oO

Blue Black Gradient

Blue Black Gradient

I started with two coats of Black Magic from Revlon, and made the gradient with Sally Hansen Diamond Strength in Pure Midnight and Cold Metal from Color Club.

It’s so shimmery and sparkly! 😀

Blue Black Gradient

Blue Black Gradient

I think this is a case of less is more!

Foiled Again! Stamped Peacock Feathers.

Foil Peacock

I started this with a base of two coats of Black Magic from Revlon. For the stamping I used a combination, of Cold Metal (blue), Perfect Mol-Ten (green), Hot Like Lava (pink) and Antiquated (gold) all from the foil range from Color Club.

I put a drop of each polish on the image and and poked them all around with my scraper until the stamping image was covered, before removing the excess, I did mess up a couple of times as I wasn’t quick enough transferring the image to my nail. The Color Club Foil polishes dry really fast, I didn’t even have the chance to line up the image :/

This is the first time I have tried stamping with more than two colours! I really like how it turned out 😀 even tho it was a pain to do!

The stamping plate I used is Messy Mansion Birdie plate MM14, which is available here.

Foiled Peacock

Foiled again Peacock

I finished it off with a coat of color club top coat, The top coat is not too bad, it applied nicely and importantly didn’t mess up my stamping and it didn’t shrink…

After writing this I’m starting to think that this top coat might actually be rather good rather than not too bad! Lol.

It’s just I’m so used to using Seche Vite now that any other top coat lacks the thick glassy finish and seems to take for ever to dry! :/ Maybe I should start trying out other brands of topcoat, so is Poshe any good? What about HKgirl? 🙂

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