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Halloween Nail Art! Gore, Glitter And Flies!

Halloween Blood And Flies

Halloween Blood And Flies

For this bloody look I started with base coat and a nude base colour I used nude from Barry M.

Starting with the darkest red which is Perfect Plum From Sally Hansen new lengths range, I dabbed it in patches over my nails, I used the same technique with Ravishing Dahling from China Glaze, so I had patches of dark red.

While it was still wet I added Double Decker Red from Rimmel London over the unpainted parts of the nail, then some patches of Elle’s Spell from Barielle Shades for some sparkle! Then While it was still wet I mixed it about a little with a dotting tool to give it a slightly marbled look.

This took ages to dry even with fast dry top coat! but when it eventually was I used the Halloween stamping plate from Messy Mansion for the flies with Konad SP in Black. I finished it with one last coat of fast dry top coat from Color Club.

Halloween Blood and flies Nail Art

Pink Glitter Zebra Nails Stamp

I had to cut my nails! *CRIES* I had a washing up accident and broke two of them D: Now that I have short nails my fingers feel all weird… I don’t think I like it…

Pink Glittery Zebra Nails

Pink Glittery Zebra Nails

For this I used Heli-yum from China Glaze as the base colour, It is a lovely rich pink cream, I used two coats, I followed that with Make A Spectacle also from China glaze, which is a pretty and very sparkly iridescent hex and micro glitter in a clear base.

The zebra stamp is from Moyou it’s Pro Collection Plate 4. I used konad special polish in black for the stamping.

The topcoat I used was 60 second fast dry topcoat from color club,  I have decided to finish the bottle before I open my next bottle of Seche Vite!

China Glaze and Barry M Dotted Gradient Nails

My new Dotting tools turned up in the post today, along with my new set of Nail art Brushes! Yay!

So here is a Dotty Gradient!

Dotty Gradient

Dotty Gradient

For this I used Stella from China Glaze, This polish is a dark metallic purple red, and Black from Barry m.

I started with one coat of Stella, then used a sponge to create the gradient, this took two coats, then I used one of the medium sized dotting tools to add the dots, I finished it off with some fast drying topcoat from Color club.

China Glaze Glitter Goblin Nail Stamp!

For this I used three coats of Glitter Goblin from china glaze for the base colour. It is a lovely copper and silver holographic glitter polish, Glitter Goblin is from the 2012 Wicked Halloween collection, it’s not a new polish but I really like it 🙂 The stamp image is from Moyou XL Suki Collection 06. For the stamping I used Konad  Special polish in Black, then finished it with a coat of Seche Vite.

Glittery! :)

Glittery! 🙂

I think that the stamp would look better over a creme/metallic polish, it’s really quite detailed and it unfortunately seems to get lost in all the glitter! 😦 I think next time I’ll use a less detailed image, maybe thick tiger stripes! 😀

Lightning Strike Nails

Earlier on there was a thunderstorm almost directly above where I live! Woohoo! Inspiration! 😀 So here are my Lightning strike nails

Lightning Strike Nail Art

Lightning Strike Nail Art

I used  Greige Gardens and Ivory skull both from Sally Hansen, Black on Black from Sinfulcolors, Baptiste from Illamasqua and cosmic dust from china glaze!

I started out with a coat of Black on Black, then sponged the dark purple Baptiste making sure not to cover the whole nail, after that had dried I used Greige gardens and Cosmic Dust to give the impression of clouds.

For the lightning I used Ivory Skull and a fine brush!

then sponged in a tiny bit more of the white Ivory Skull over the lightning, which worked perfectly up until my little finger nail :/ I think the sponge must have dried out too much or I pressed to hard…

I really love how this looks and I will try this again, maybe with blues and greys or different shades of silver or red and black for Halloween!

Zebra Gradient Nail Art

Gradient Zebra Nail Art!

Gradient Zebra Nail Art!

For this I used a base of two coats Black on Black from Sinfulcolors, for the gradient I used Cosmic Dust from China Glaze,  followed by a coat of Seche Vite.

The stamping plate I used Is from Moyou, it’s plate XL 04 from the Pro Collection, I used Konad SP in black for the print. And I finished it all off with one more coat of Seche Vite

Zebra Gradient Nail Art

Zebra Gradient Nail Art

I really love how this turned out 😀

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