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Lightning Strike Nails

Earlier on there was a thunderstorm almost directly above where I live! Woohoo! Inspiration! 😀 So here are my Lightning strike nails

Lightning Strike Nail Art

Lightning Strike Nail Art

I used  Greige Gardens and Ivory skull both from Sally Hansen, Black on Black from Sinfulcolors, Baptiste from Illamasqua and cosmic dust from china glaze!

I started out with a coat of Black on Black, then sponged the dark purple Baptiste making sure not to cover the whole nail, after that had dried I used Greige gardens and Cosmic Dust to give the impression of clouds.

For the lightning I used Ivory Skull and a fine brush!

then sponged in a tiny bit more of the white Ivory Skull over the lightning, which worked perfectly up until my little finger nail :/ I think the sponge must have dried out too much or I pressed to hard…

I really love how this looks and I will try this again, maybe with blues and greys or different shades of silver or red and black for Halloween!

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