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Glow in The Dark Flames!

Hey everyone!
It’s been a while ( and by a while I really mean months… Ooops) since my last post.

glow in the dark fire nail art

I really needed a break from everything! I have had a lot of stuff going on that in all honesty has been simultaneously boring and stressful! But I’m not going bore you all with the details!

Instead I have some Glow in the Dark Fire nails to share 😀

glow in the dark fire nail art

I really think these would be great for Halloween!

Flame Nails![/caption]

The stuff I used

  • Stamping Plate MM27
  • Seche Vite
  • Hit The Bottle Stamping Polish – Black
  • Glow In The Dark Polish Orange and Yellow
  • Models Own – Zest a Peel
  • Sally Hansen – Lite

Flame Nails

I used the Models Own and Sally Hansen Polishes to create a gradient, I think using some white undies would have saved me a lot of layers!

Then I added the glow in the dark polish the ones I used are just cheap Pound shop unbranded ones but they do glow reasonably well, I think using some better quality glowing polish would improve this a lot.

Then when It was dry (this took ages) I used MM27 and Hit The Bottle Stamping Polish to add the flames!

Then a coat of Seche Vite and a bit of a clean up to finish it off.

glow in the dark fire nail art

Even if it is orange and yellow this mani makes me really happy! 😀

Autumn Leaves

Hello! 🙂

Autumn Leaves Nail Art

Autumn Leaves

I have some very Autumnal nail art to show you today 🙂

My stoopid back is starting to feel better so now I can actually sit down for long enough to not only paint my nails but to write posts too! 😀

I wanted something bright, cheerful and non hallowe’en (I must be ill lol).

Autumn Leaves Nail Art

Sally Hansen, Rimmel London and Chanel

The polishes I used for this are

  • Chanel – Dragon
  • Sally Hansen – Lite
  • Sally Hansen – Ruby Stilettos
  • Sally Hansen – Ivory Skull
  • Rimmel London – Sunny Days
  • Rimmel London – Shirley Temple
  • Rimmel London – Hot Chilli Pepper

I also used a Make Up Sponge cut into little bits, Konad Special Polish in Black, Stamping plate 14 from the Mother Nature Collection from Moyou and Seche Vite.

Autumn Leaves Nail Art


A bit of a rubbish photo (my poor camera really hates macro shots) but look at the sparkles! 😀

Autumn Leaves Nail Art

Orange, Red and Yellow!

I really like this even though it’s mostly orange and yellow! 😀

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