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Autumn Leaves

Hello! 🙂

Autumn Leaves Nail Art

Autumn Leaves

I have some very Autumnal nail art to show you today 🙂

My stoopid back is starting to feel better so now I can actually sit down for long enough to not only paint my nails but to write posts too! 😀

I wanted something bright, cheerful and non hallowe’en (I must be ill lol).

Autumn Leaves Nail Art

Sally Hansen, Rimmel London and Chanel

The polishes I used for this are

  • Chanel – Dragon
  • Sally Hansen – Lite
  • Sally Hansen – Ruby Stilettos
  • Sally Hansen – Ivory Skull
  • Rimmel London – Sunny Days
  • Rimmel London – Shirley Temple
  • Rimmel London – Hot Chilli Pepper

I also used a Make Up Sponge cut into little bits, Konad Special Polish in Black, Stamping plate 14 from the Mother Nature Collection from Moyou and Seche Vite.

Autumn Leaves Nail Art


A bit of a rubbish photo (my poor camera really hates macro shots) but look at the sparkles! 😀

Autumn Leaves Nail Art

Orange, Red and Yellow!

I really like this even though it’s mostly orange and yellow! 😀

Candy Corn Halloween Nails!


Candy Corn Halloween Nail Art

Candy Corn

Today I have candy corn inspired nails!

For this mani I used

  • Ivory Skull – Sally Hansen
  • Sunny Days – Rimmel
  • Liquid Vinyl – Orly
  • Black Nail Art Pen – Barry M
  • Hot Chilli Pepper – Rimmel
  • Out The Door Topcoat
  • Nail Tape
  • Make Up Sponge
Candy Corn Nails

Candy Corn Nails

After my first coat of white polish had dried I used Hot Chilli Pepper, Sunny Days and Ivory Skull to create the gradient, it too ages! It took four layers of sponging to get the colours blended nicely.

The orange polish has a lot more pigment than the yellow so I found (out the hard way, this is my second attempt at this gradient the first was a tragic failure,) that only adding around quarter of the amount of orange polish to the sponge was the only way to stop it from spreading too much.

After my gradient had dried I added a coat of Out The Door… I have to admit I’m starting to miss Seche Vite, but that’s something for another post! When that had dried I used striping tape to create the triangular candy corn shape then carefully painted on a couple of coats of Liquid Vinyl and removed the tape!

I used my trusty Barry M nail art pen to curve the tips of the triangles, then finished it with another layer of top coat.

Candy Corn Halloween Nail Art

Candy Corn

This mani also covers one of this weeks prompts for the pick and mix challenge! Which is a three colour gradient, I’ll have to see if I have time to do the other prompt later on this week 🙂

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