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I’m Still Ill!

Hey everyone!

I'm Ill Nail Art

Ugh I’m still ill! So far this year I have only felt well for around half a day (yeah, I know there have only been six days of this year so far) :/ and it sucks!

So here are some “I’m Ill and feel like poop” nails.

I'm Ill Nail Art

The base colour is Zombie Flesh from Dollish Polish. then I used Plate MM25 along with Hit The Bottle Black for the microbes.

The Bio hazard symbol is from Bundle Monster BM-418 I used Aglaia and Arete both from the 2true Metallica Collection. I did start off trying to line them up, but that didn’t really work.

I finished it off with a layer of Seche Vite then a coat of Illamasqua Matte topcoat.

I'm Ill Nail Art

I’m going to go back to being wrapped up in blankets on my sofa!

I hope you are having a much healthier week than me! 🙂

Microbes or Plankton? 2True Artimis Over Black

A little while ago I heard on the nail polish grapevine that 2True Pro Metallica collection are good for stamping, I have never really liked the 2True polishes but as they are on offer (half price in Superdrug) I thought I would give one a try!

And OMG it’s AMAZING!!!

2True Artemis over Black

2True Artemis over Black

This polish is called Artemis, I picked out this one because it’s purple! And if it turned out to be rubbish I would at least have a chrome polish in a colour I like.

But for stamping this polish is incredible, it holds it’s colour really well over black, unlike some other polishes that loose their colour intensity and turn silvery grey.

2True Artemis Messy Mansion Plate MM25

Messy Mansion Plate MM25

I decided that the image to test this polish out with should be very intricate and detailed.  The image is from Messy Mansion plate MM25. I have to say I’m not sure if it’s microbes or plankton lol. The only other polish I have had any luck with on this image is Konad SP in Black. The 2True polish worked so surprisingly well!

I found that this polish is a bit on the stinky side and I did notice there was a bit of staining while I was cleaning up my cuticles, but as I will only be using it as a stamping polish, it’s not too much of an issue 🙂

The image transferred to my nail so perfectly I hardly had to clean my stamper between doing each of my nails!  and there was no dragging when I applied my topcoat!

2True Artemis

2True Artemis

I’m now going to go buy the rest of this collection! Hopefully they will be just as good! 😀

Stand Back! I’m Going To Do SCIENCE!

I’m not really going to do science, just some science inspired nails 😀

The plate I used today is from Messy Mansion, its plate MM25 and you can find it right here. 😀

Science Nails

Science Nails!

I started by painting my thumb and ring finger with two coats of Revlon Black Magic

On my other fingers I added a coat of French White from Nina Pro with two coats of Barry M Acid Yellow over the top,  I used the coat of white polish to make the yellow really glow!

When that was all dry I topped it off with a coat of Barielle Shades Stardust for some sparkles and then and then a thin layer of topcoat.


Science Nails


For the stamping I used Barielle Shades night moves for the silver and Konad Special Stamping Polish in Black for the images over the yellow.

Then a coat of color club topcoat to seal in the design, there was a tiny bit of streaking form the konad polish :/

I didn’t really like this when I had finished it :/ I think it was because of the colour and that I ended up using a lot of polish it felt very thick :/

But now that I’m looking at the photographs I really like it! 🙂

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