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Pick and Mix – Grey and Purple


Grey and purple water spot manicure

Grey and purple water spot

Sorry about the lack of posts this week, I have had really horrible back ache :/ it means I can’t sit for very long, or lie down or stand for that matter… So doing nail art and writing blog posts haven’t really been happening 😦

Luckily it’s not feeling quite so horrible today so here are my Pick and Mix Challenge nails for this week! 🙂

Sinful Colors Amethyst and Seche Nouveau

Sinful Colors Amethyst and Seche Nouveau

I decided on a water spot mani because, I haven’t done one for a while and the other things I tried for this looked rubbish! :/

The purple is Amethyst from Sinful Colors, and the Grey I used for the spotting is Nouveau from Seche.

My one issue with this is how bubbly my topcoat is! Gah! It might be a reaction with the perfume or with the polish itself…

Grey and purple water spot manicure

Spotty Nails!

I really should stop using my expensive perfume for water spot manis… But my fingers really do smell lovely lol!

31DC2014 Day 5 Blue

turquoise  Nails

Turquoise Nails

After having a quick hunt about on the interwebs for blue nails trying to get some inspiration I came across loads of pictures of Turquoise gem stone nails, and this is my attempt at them! 🙂

For this I started with two coats of Air-kiss from Filthy Gorgeous which is a lovely mid blue cream.

Turquoise  Water Spotted Nails

Turquoise Water Spotted Nails

Then when it was dry I used cling film (saran wrap) to apply Catwalk Couture from Seventeen which is a slightly paler blue cream polish, along with a couple of drops each of Golden from Revlon and Antiquated from Color Club, and a tiny bit of Blue-Topia a dark blue jelly also from Color Club I put them all onto a plate and swirled the polishes around a little then gently dabbed the mixture onto my nails.

Turquoise Nails

Turquoise Nails

Then using Twilight from Filthy Gorgeous (which is also a really good black for water marbling)  I used the water spotting technique to apply the black, and I should probably stop using my expensive perfume to do water spotting, but my nails smell lovely after lol!

Then I used Color Club Topcoat, and unfortunately ended up with a little bit of dragging on my thumb :/

I’m definitely going to be doing this again, hopefully when I can keep my nail art on for longer than 24 hours! 😀

GOT Polish Challenge – Pastel

GOT Polish Pastel

GOT Polish Pastel

Here are my Pastel nails for today’s GOT Polish Challenge!

GOT Polish Part 2

For this I decided to have a try at water spotted nails and it was surprisingly easy! 😀 The Polishes I used are Lathering Lilac which is another of the free ones (that I haven’t used) from Bizzybee and Pink Flamingo from Barry M

I started with two coats of Lathering Lilac, when that was dry I used Pink flamingo for the water spotting. I have to say it’s a really fun technique, loads easier than water marbling!

Then when that was dry I applied a coat of color club top coat, then a final coat of Matte Finisher from Elf

Water Spotted Nails

Water Spotted Nails

Don’t forget to have a look at the GOT Polish Challenge Pinterest Page! 😀

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