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Crackle Polish Experiment!

I’m not really the biggest fan of crackle polishes and somehow I have collected 11 bottles of the stuff!

So I decided that I should actually have a play with them rather than leaving them to gather dust! I chose Nina Ultra Pro in French White for the base colour and Black Shatter from OPI.

OPI Black Shatter over Nina Ultra Pro French White

OPI Black Shatter over Nina Ultra Pro French White

This is one coat of shatter polish, The OPI seems a lot more ‘crackly’ than some of my other shatter polishes, it shows more of the base colour, and it dries to be rather textured, this took two coats of top coat to smooth it out!

Braid Brush Strokes

Braid Brush Strokes

With brush strokes in different directions, (like braided nails but with one colour) the crackle effect is more controllable, and gives a much more even effect!

Black crackle sponged gradient.

Black Shatter sponged gradient.

I was really surprised at actually liking this, 🙂 I think it will look much better in different colours, perhaps silver and black or red with gold crackle polish for something a bit mote festive! But in black and white it looks like lightning!

Half crackle Mani

I taped off half of my nail before applying the shatter polish, The silver stripe is Night Moves from Barielle Shades, it’s just to hide the edge of the crackle polish as it was rather messy! 🙂

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