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Snow Leopard Nail Stamping!

First of all I would like to say sorry about the lack of posts for the last few days, I have been filled with flu :/ Ugh I hate being ill :/

I to start with I thought that I would be able to keep up with my blog posts but after I stuck tissue to my face with wet nail polish while sneezing I thought it would be best to leave it for a bit Lol!

Anyway, Snow Leopard Nails!

Snow leopard Nails

Snow leopard Nails

For this I used two coats of Ivory Skull from Sally Hansen (I love the name of this polish so much). Then I used a sponge to add some patches of Couture Grey from Maybelline and Night Moves from Barielle Shades. For the stamping I used Black Magic from Revlon.

Flame Inspired Reciprocal Gradient Nail Art

Here is another fire inspired post!

I first tried this with yellow orange and red but I think my yellow polish doesn’t have enough pigment and my nails ended up looking like I had dipped them into a bad takeaway curry :/

But not to be defeated I tried again with my go to colours of black silver and grey!

Flame Inspired Reciprocal Gradient Nail Art

Flame Inspired Reciprocal Gradient Nail Art

Its not as Flamey (if that’s even a word) as I was hoping but i really love the effect! 😀

The polishes I used are Barielle shades – night moves. 17 – Smoke Signal. and Sinful Colors – Black on Black.

Silver Waterfall Nails

I’m really enjoying trying out new (to me) nail art techniques, I realized that by only doing nail stamping I was missing out on loads of other fun nail art stuff! So here is another first for me, Waterfall nails!

Silver Waterfall Nails

Silver Waterfall Nails

I used, Deborah Lippmann – Modern Love, Deborah Lippmann – Hit Me With Your Best shot, Sinfulcolors – Time Off, Illamasqua – Snap, Nails Inc – Old Bond Street, Barielle Shades – Night Moves and China glaze – Cosmic Dust.

I started with a base colour of Modern Love from Deborah Lippmann, starting with the darkest colour using a fine brush, I painted on the stripes, making sure that each colour has stripes of different lengths.

It took quite a while to finish but I really love how this turned out! and I’m going to be trying this again with different colours! 😀

Halloween Nail Art! Gore, Glitter And Flies!

Halloween Blood And Flies

Halloween Blood And Flies

For this bloody look I started with base coat and a nude base colour I used nude from Barry M.

Starting with the darkest red which is Perfect Plum From Sally Hansen new lengths range, I dabbed it in patches over my nails, I used the same technique with Ravishing Dahling from China Glaze, so I had patches of dark red.

While it was still wet I added Double Decker Red from Rimmel London over the unpainted parts of the nail, then some patches of Elle’s Spell from Barielle Shades for some sparkle! Then While it was still wet I mixed it about a little with a dotting tool to give it a slightly marbled look.

This took ages to dry even with fast dry top coat! but when it eventually was I used the Halloween stamping plate from Messy Mansion for the flies with Konad SP in Black. I finished it with one last coat of fast dry top coat from Color Club.

Halloween Blood and flies Nail Art

Glittery Galaxy Nails

Here is another first for me! Galaxy Nails! 😀

Galaxy Nails

Galaxy Nails

I used loads of nail polishes for this, I started with a base of Vamp Polish From Eyeko, then using a tiny bit of sponge I added a little bit of Blackened Bleu from Barielle shades and Alias from color club. Blackened Bleu is a lovely black jelly with dark blue and turquoise glitter, Alias is a dark blue jelly with purple duo-chrome glitter, it’s really pretty!

At this point it looked like a patchy gradient, after it had dried I added Gorgeous from sinfulcolors this polish is a bright turquoise metallic with a light gold sheen and secret agent from color club which is a light purple metallic polish. I put a drop of each polish next to each other onto an old plate and picked up both colours with my trusty bit of makeup sponge, and added a tiny bit to each nail.

when it was all dry I used Night Moves from Barielle shades for the stars, and the fine holo glitter is Sparkling silver from no.7

I finished it with a coat of fast dry topcoat from color club.

My First attempt at Braided Nail Art

This is my first attempt at braided nails! And I’m really pleased with the result! 😀

Braided nails!

Braided nails!

For this I used Vamp Polish From Eyeko, Steel of the Night from Color Club and Night Moves from Barielle.

Black silver grey braided nails

I did have a few issues with the brushes being different sizes, so next time I try this I’ll stick with one brand of polish!

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