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GOT Polish Challenge – Over a White Base!

Hello! 🙂

GOT Polish Challenge Over a White Base

GOT Polish Challenge Over a White Base

It seems like ages since I last posted nail art for the GOT Polish Challenge! But that’s probably because it has been ages :/


For today’s prompt I chose a very simple stamped design, I used White on White from China Glaze… I think my bottle is now more polish thinner than actual polish… It’s probably time to retire it and get a new one!

I used Propaganda from Illamasqua to stamp the image, and the stamping plate is 07 from Moyou’s Suki collection.

Illamasqua Propaganda Over White on White China Glaze

Illamasqua Propaganda Over White on White China Glaze

Propaganda is getting to be a vhtf polish 😦 I have only found a couple of other dark blue jelly polishes with a similar colour intensity these are Blue-Topia from Color Club and L’orial Midnight Mistress.

Moyou Suki 07

Moyou Suki 07

I think this looks like Willow pattern from ceramic plates lol!

Don’t forget to check out the GOT Polish pinterest page

Sparkly Striping Tape Nail Art!

Hi! 🙂

Today I have a sparkly mani I created using striping tape to show you.

Striping Tape Nail Art

Striping Tape Nail Art

for this I used

  • Rimmel Space Dust – Aurora
  • Filthy Gorgeous – Twilight
  • Striping Tape
  • Seche Vite

I began with two coats of Aurora, this is a really pretty polish! It is a slightly textured nude with loads of silver glitter, I added a thick coat of Seche Vite to even out the the texture to help stop the black polish from bleeding under the tape.

I used seven strips of tape for each nail, apart from my pinky which only needed six. Starting with my thumb nail I applied the tape, then carefully dabbed on the black polish, then using tweezers removed the tape while the polish was still wet. Then I applied another coat of Seche Vite over the top and continued with my other nails.

Glitter stripe nail art

Rimmel Aurora and Filthy Gorgeous Twilight

I never realized how much easier a decent quality striping tape is to use! There was no curling up, sticking to itself or refusing to stick to my nail!  😀

Striping Tape Glitter Manicure

Sparkly Pink And Black Nails

Nail Polish Dragon Eggs!

Hello I hope you are having a lovely weekend! 🙂

Today I have a nest of nail polish dragon eggs to show you!

Nail Polish Dragon Eggs

Nail Polish Dragon Egg

The eggs take a long time to make but I think the end result is worth it!

All you need for these are polystyrene egg forms, you can pick these up in most craft shops, Mine cost £2 for six, Drawing pins (or thumb tacks if your in the US) I picked mine up from Poundland. For these three eggs I used up just under 800 pins!

Oh yeah, you’ll need something to stick your pins in while your painting them, I used a cardboard box! Actually the part of making the eggs that took the longest was sticking the pins half way into the cardboard! It was so boring :/

I picked up some cheep black Laval polish (I didn’t want to use up of my nice/expensive ones on this) and used that to apply two coats to each pin, after the first coat I realized my mistake… I had to open all the windows, the Laval polish has a very VERY strong chemical smell. It might have just been the amount I was using but it was close to eye wateringly strong!

Nail Polish Dragon Eggs

Look at the sparkles!

After the pins where dry I added a coat of the colored polishes

Oh I didn’t make these at the same time! I made each of them over a few days, Trying to make all three at once may be a quick path to twitchy nail polish related madness! lol

Nail Polish Dragon Eggs

Black Polish with Models Own Purple Blue

For this egg I added a thick coat of purple blue from Models Own over the black, This one took the most pins to make around 350! and I used up nearly a quarter of the models own bottle oO Lucky I have quite a few polishes similar to this one!

Nail Polish Dragon Eggs

Elle’s Spell Dragon egg

This Egg was the first one that I made, and it’s definitely my favorite! I used a coat of Elle’s Spell over the black. It really is a shame the the duo-chrome glitter isn’t showing up in the picture 😦

Nail Polish Dragon Eggs

Jess Pixie Dragon Egg

This little one was the last one I made, If I make any more I’m going to stick with this size! The Teal polish is Pixie from Jess. Looking at the picture I’m thinking I should have added another couple of coats of black to the pins as the teal polish is rather sheer so the manufacturing marks on the pin head are showing through!

Even tho it was a bit stinky and took a long time, I really like the end result of my dragon eggs! I’m now going to go find them a home somewhere in my book shelf! 😀

Oh if you want to make your own here is a wonderful Dragon Egg tutorial from Accio Lacquer

Red and Black and Pointy!

Hi 🙂

Just a quick post today! Some simple red and black nails created with the help of some striping tape!

Come to Bed Red from Butter London and  Barry M Black

Come to Bed Red from Butter London and Barry M Black

I started off with Come To Bed Red from Butter London, this is one from my untried pile! It’s a really lovely shade and was really easy to apply, but it unfortunately took four coats to be opaque so definitely not a polish to go for if you are in a hurry!

Then (when it was dry) I used striping tape to mark out the triangle shapes and filled them in with Barry M Black, I removed the tape while the polish was still wet so it didn’t remove the polish along with it.

For some reason I added some striping tape to my ring finger… It seemed like a good idea at the time, now I really don’t like it :/ Unfortunately I realized after I had added the top coat!

Come to Bed Red from Butter London and  Barry M Black

my nails look so much longer!

This design really makes my nails look longer so I think I’ll try to ignore the offending bits of striping tape! 🙂

Tiger Stripe Caviar Stamped Nail Art

Hi! 🙂

Today I have some stamping over Caviar Beads to show you!

Ciate Caviar Pearls with Stamping

Ciate Caviar Pearls with Stamping

I didn’t come up with this idea, I saw it somewhere on the internets, and now I can’t find the post anywhere 😦 I would love give credit to who ever it is that came up with this amazing idea! 🙂

I used a Ciate Mini set that has been in my untried pile for ages. the set contains Cookies and Cream Polish and Caviar Pearls called Shooting Star.

Cookies and Cream, Shooting Star

Cookies and Cream, Shooting Star

Cookies and cream is a nude creme, the colour is similar to a very milky tea, for a light coloured nude polish it’s even too pale for me! I don’t know if it’s because it’s old but the application was an absolute pain! So it’s not one that I’ll be wearing on it’s own. and I’m glad the caviar pearls covered the bunching and the bald spots!

The pearls are a really pretty mixture of mostly gold along with silver, clear and iridescent dotted throughout.

I applied them according to the instructions on the box, and waited for around 20 minutes for them to fully dry.

The stamping plate is Moyou XL Pro 04, I decided on the tiger print as it’s a bold and simple image, I think stamp images with a lot of detail would get lost amongst the pearls!

I stamped over the pearls as I would usually stamp my nails, I did use my extra soft Marshmallow stamper, I don’t think that it would be possible to do this using a firm stamper, without firing the tiny pearls across the room…

Moyou XL Pro 04 Over Caviar Pearls

Moyou XL Pro 04 Over Caviar Pearls

I do think this is really pretty, unfortunately it’s clearly not something that would last more than a few hours.

31DC2014 – Day 31 Re-create Your Favourite Challenge

Hello everyone! 🙂

This is my last 31DC2014 post! And how could I not do a celebratory water marble!

Purple Water Marble

Purple Water Marble

For this I used

  • China Glaze – White on White
  • Orly – Liquid Vinyl
  • Sally Hansen – Good To Grape
  • China Glaze – Bizarre Blurple

I have been a bit lazy with choosing the polishes for this and just grabbed the closest few on my desk. 😀

Purple and Black Watermarble Nail Art

Purple and Black

I may have forgotten to use tape on my fingers, so the clean up for this took ages! Ugh, and I’m a little bit annoyed about not getting my little finger nail lined up as well as the others.

I really like this colour combination especially the blue iridescent flash from Bizarre Blurple.

Liquid Vinyl, Bizarre Blurple and Good To Grape

Liquid Vinyl, Bizarre Blurple and Good To Grape

So, there it is the 31DC challenge all done, eventually… It only took me a couple of months longer than it should have… Ooops! 😀

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