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Gold and Red Chevrons


It’s been ages since my last post! Sorry about that!

Before I run out of time here is my Pick and Mix Mani for this week! This weeks prompts are Red, Gold and Chevron.

Gold and Red Chevron Nail Art Taras Talons Zombie Blood and Revlon Golden

Taras Talons Zombie Blood and Revlon Golden

For this I used Zombie Blood from this years Halloween range from the lovely Taras Talons, It really is a glorious red jelly! The green holographic glitters are wonderful.

The gold polish is from Revlon and it’s called Golden.

Gold and Red Chevron Nail Art Taras Talons Zombie Blood and Revlon Golden

very festive colours

I didn’t want to add to much gold to this mani, Zombie Blood Is so lovely I didn’t want to cover it up!

Gold and Red Chevron Nail Art Taras Talons Zombie Blood and Revlon Golden

So much glitter! ๐Ÿ˜€

I applies three coats of the red polish then when it had dried I used striping tape to create the Chevrons and the triangle shapes and carefully added two coats of golden.

Gold and Red Chevron Nail Art Taras Talons Zombie Blood and Revlon Golden

Lovely, lovely striping tape

This really is such a festive look!

Barry M Silk. Poppy, Orchid and Forest.

Hello ๐Ÿ™‚

Today I have three new (I think) Barry M nail polishes from the Silk range to show you. I found these while polish hunting in Boots, and they are on a 3 for 2 offer. Bargain! ๐Ÿ˜€

Poppyย  ย 

Barry M Silk Poppy

Barry M Silk Poppy

Poppy is a really pretty pinky red with a gold and silver shimmer

It is a dream to apply, opaque in two coats, no visible brush strokes and dried within a couple of minutes. I applied this over my usual base coat.

Barry M Silk Poppy

Barry M Silk Poppy


Barry M Silk Forest

Barry M Silk Forest

I really love this dark teal colour! Along with the shimmer it also has a subtle green to purple duo-chrome colour shift.

Again the polish formula was really nice, fast drying with no visible brush strokes.

Barry M Silk Forest

Barry M Silk Forest


Barry M Silk Orchid

Barry M Silk Orchid

Orchid is a very pretty intense magenta toned purple with silvery shimmer.

I found there was less sparkle in this polish, but the silver shimmer gives this an almost but not quite metallic quality which I think is very pretty.

Like the other two polishes the formula for this polish is lovely, opaque in two coats and dried really quickly!

Barry M Silk Orchid

Barry M Silk Orchid

I really like the finish of these silk polishes, but I love matte polish so there’s not much of a surprise there lol ๐Ÿ˜€ I have to say I much prefer these bright colours to the pastel shades from the rest of the collection.

I really hope more bright and dark colours are going to be released in this range!


Chanel Swatches!

Hallo! ๐Ÿ™‚

After my last post I realized that I haven’t shown my Chanel polishes nearly enough love lately, so here they are in all their glory! ๐Ÿ˜€

I have had these for quite a while so the bottles are looking a little on the “well loved” side… But if you are anything like me then that shouldn’t matter too much as it’s the scrummy insides that you want lol!

Chanel Black Satin

Black Satin

This is Black Satin, it’s probably the blackist black nail polish I own, this is two coats over base coat, but you could easily get away with one!

Chanel Black Satin 219

Black Satin

The formula is wonderful, creamy, self leveling and with the slightly longer bristles in the brush it really is one of the easiest black polishes to apply!

This intense red polish is called Dragon.

Chanel Dragon


Dragon is a bright red cream, the formula is just as wonderful as Black Satin. This is also two coats, for some reason I completely forgot to wrap my tips Ooops!

Chanel Dragon 475


This one is called Black Pearl.

Chanel Black Pearl

Black Pearl

It’s a shimmery dark silver grey, I find the formula for this polish to be a tiny bit thinner than the others, it wasn’t difficult to apply, just not as easy as the others.

I applied three coats, I really like the subtle iridescent shimmer in this polish, It makes the polish slightly different, and maybe a bit more special than all the other dark silver shimmers polishes out there!

Chanel Black Pearl 513

Black Pearl

This bright pink cream is called Splendeur.

Chanel Splendeur


This applied polish in one coat! the coverage is amazing! Splendeur is a fabulous pink, it’s almost a neon but still really glossy.

Chanel Splendeur 217


This is Paradoxical, it’s one of my favorites!

Chanel Paradoxical


This is a lovely warm grey with a purple iridescent shimmer. this took two coats to be opaque and dries really quickly!

Chanel Paradoxical 509


This is the classic Rouge Noir

Chanel Rouge Noir

Rouge Noir

Out of all of these polishes this was the most tricky to apply. The formula is slightly sheer/almost a jelly so this took three coats to be opaque, the colour is a lovely dark wine red and it’s incredibly glossy.

Chanel Rouge Noir 18

Rouge Noir

The last polish is Vendetta

Chanel Vendetta


This is a stunning dark purple, and the formula is amazing, it only took one coat and dried in about 60 seconds!

It was really difficult to capture the intense purple shimmer with my camera, it looks so much better in real life!

Chanel Vendetta 483


Vendetta, Paradoxical and Black Satin are definitely my favorites from my little collection of Chanel polishes!

I just have to keep telling myself to stay away from the Chanel counters when I’m out shopping just in case I “accidentally” buy all of them!


31DC2014 Day 28 – Inspired By a Flag

Hello everyone!

For today’s inspired by a flag prompt I decided on the Japanese flag!

Inspired by the Japanese flag

Inspired by the Japanese flag

I started out with two coats of White On White from China Glaze as the base. Then using Dragon from Chanel and a thin brush I added the red!

The stamp is plate 02 from Moyou’s Suki collection.

White on white, Dragon and Konad SP Black

White on white, Dragon and Konad SP Black

This is the first time I have used my new marshmallow stamper, it’s such a different technique than using my usual firmer (but still squishy) one!

I think that with a bit more practice, (especially with the amount of polish on the stamping plate, and getting used to squashing my nail into the stamper rather than rolling it over my nail!)ย  it’s going to be my favorite! ๐Ÿ˜€

Japanese Flag With Cherry Blossom

Japanese Flag With Cherry Blossom

I really have missed blogging soo much! It’s so nice to have the time to get back to regular posting ๐Ÿ˜€


21DC2014 Day 24. Inspired By a Book – Frankenstein

31dc2014 inspired by a book frankenstein

Here’s my Inspired by a book mani, I may be cheating a bit by using imagery from the cover, But I honestly couldn’t have come up with anything better than this! lol

Frankenstein - Mary Shelly

Frankenstein – Mary Shelly

The polishes I used are

  • Nails Inc – Leather Effect Noho
  • Revlon – Black Magic
  • Chanel – Dragon
  • E.L.F – Matte Finisher
  • Barry M – Silver Nail Art Pen

red and black frankenstein nails

This is the first time I have used one of the Leather effect polishes from Nails Inc, I really like the subtle texture of this polish but I found the formula to be quite thick and it took ages to dry.

inspired by a book

The red polish is Dragon from Chanel, this polish seems to have turned into my go to red!

For the castle I used a thin brush it paint the image over two coats of black Magic from Revlon, then I added the little windows with the Barry M Silver Nail Art Pen. when it was dry I added the E.L.F matte topcoat.

frankenstein nails

For the lightning and the stitches I used the silver nail art pen, I didn’t add any topcoat so I wouldn’t cover the texture of the leather polish.

frankenstein inspired nail art

31dc2014 Day 23 Inspired by a Film

Here are my (Oh I’m so far behind) nails for day 23 I decided give The Birds another try ๐Ÿ™‚ you can find my first the Birds Mani right Hereย .

The Birds

The Birds

the polishes I used are

  • Sally Hansen – Ion
  • Sinful Colors – Co0l Grey
  • Maybelline – Couture Grey
  • China Glaze – White on White
  • Chanel – Dragon
  • Konad – SP Black
  • Barry M – Nail art pen in Black

The stamping plate is MM14 from Messy Mansion

31dc2014 day 23

I started with a really light gradient with the three grey polishes, then I stamped on the the bird images with the konad polish, then when it had dried I used white on white for the next layer of birds!

I used my Barry M nail art pen or the image on my thumb. and for my middle finger I used a little bit of Dragon and a small dotting tool.

The Birds nail Art

Hopefully I’ll have more time for my little blog now that most of the busyness has been dealt with ๐Ÿ™‚

the birds

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