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Black and Glitter Stripes Half Moon Mani!

Hello! 🙂

black and glittery half moon nails

Black and Glittery Half Moon Nails

Today I wanted stripey sparkly nails! 😀

black and glittery half moon nails

Lava and Twilight

For this I used two coats of Sally Hansen Lava from the Lustre Shine collection, Filthy Gorgeous Twilight, quite a lot of striping tape and some french tip guides (I used the pointy shaped ones rather than the round ones!)

black and glittery half moon nails

so sparkly!

Even though this took a quite a while, the striping tape was not cooperating, I really like this look, and I’ll definitely have to try this with different colours! 😀

Silver and Black Gradient Half Moon Nails.

Silver and Black Half Moon Nails

Silver and Black Half Moon Nails

For this I used three polishes, Coalest Day of the year and Night Moves Both from Barielle Shades and Black on Black from sinfulcolors (I really need to get another bottle soon)

I started with two coats of Night Moves which is a lovely bright silver foil. after waiting for it to dry, I used my trusty Ring binder hole reinforcements to create the half moon shape.

Then using Black on Black, Coalist Day and a bit more of the night moves I sponged on the gradient. this took three thin coats. while the polish was still wet I carefully removed the hole reinforcements with tweezers, then applied a coat of Seche Vite!

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