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HPB Presents – “What Is The Christmas Pickle?”

Hello! 🙂

christmas pickle nail art

What is the Christmas Pickle?

Seriously! I have no idea what this is about! Maybe it’s because I live in the UK that I haven’t heard of this vinegary tradition, here we just bake lucky silver coins into our puddings, well you get luck or a broken tooth…

christmas pickle nail art

Is it a lucky pickle? If you are lucky enough to find this mystical vegetable are you blessed with a year of produce in jars? Or even a deluge of vinegar based condiments! Ugh I have so many questions.

christmas pickle nail art

For my pickle nails I used

  • Hits Speciallita – Samba
  • Sinful Colors – Snow Me White
  • China Glaze – Tip Your Hat
  • Zoya – Logan
  • Revlon – Rain Forest
  • Barry M – Red Glitter
  • Illamasqua – Omen
  • Indigo Bananas – Chill Out
  • Seche Vite
  • A Tiny Brush
  • And the smallest dotting tool I own.

I started with three coats of Samba for the base and Snow Me White for the french tip, when this had dried I applied a little Chill Out over the tips. It really does look like sparkly snow, it really is a very pretty polish.

The branches are a mixture of Omen, Rain Forest and Logan applied with a thin brush.

The little berries are a mixture of Barry M Red Glitter and Tip Your Hat, I had to mix the glitter in with another red as it’s getting old and stringy and I’ve run out of polish thinner (bad times!).

The pickle is Omen from Illamasqua with a couple of stripes of Rain Forest!

I used a lot of glitter polishes in this mani and it needed a couple of coats of Seche Vite to give it a glassy smooth finish!

christmas pickle nail art

I think that this is actually the most festive mani I have created this holiday season!

If you would like to see some more amazing Holiday nail art be sure to have a look at the HPB link up below!

31DC2014 Day 4 Green!

Green Splatter Nails

Green Splatter Nails

Here a are my green nails for day 4! I really couldn’t decide on which polishes to use, So I ended up using nearly all of them (well the green ones)

I used

  • Sinful Colors – Pistache
  • Color Club – Artsy Crafty
  • Barry M – Acid Yellow
  • 2True Metallica – Arete
  • Sinful Colors – Rise And Shine
  • China Glaze – OMG a UFO
  • Color Club – Perfect Mol-Ten
  • Zoya – Logan
  • Sally Hansen – Grass Slipper

I started with two coats of base coat (green stains my nails more than any other colour) then a coat of Pistache.

After that had dried, using a cotton bud (q tip) with the ends cut off I blew the green polishes onto my nails.

I alternated between light and dark shades to make sure there was a good mix of green!

All Of The Green!

All Of The Green!

This was really messy and took ages to clean up but it was a lot of fun! 😀

Green Braided Nails With Pink Rose Decals!

Braided Rose Nail Art

Braided Rose Nail Art

I decided that I wanted some pretty spring time nails! And here they are! 😀

I started by making the rose decals, for these I used

  • Sally Hansen – Grass Slipper
  • China Glaze – Near Dark
  • Rimmel – Double Decker Red
  • Sinful Colors – A Slice To Go (striper)
  • China Glaze – White On White
  • Color Club – Top Coat
Braided Rose Nail Art

Braided Rose Nail Art

I applied a coat of white on white over my base coat, for two reasons the first so that the greens would pop and the second being that green stains my nails more than any other colour!

For the braid I used

  • Zoya – Logan
  • China Glaze – Agro
  • L’oreal – Owl’s Night
  • China Glaze – White On White

After I finished my braided nails I ended up having to do some washing up (ugh) and the tips of my nails ended up with a few little chips 😦 Booo!

I applied my rose decals with a little bit of color club top coat, then sealed them in with another coat over the top.

Braided Rose Nail Art

Braided Rose Nail Art

I think the greens I chose where a little too dark but it still looks pretty 🙂

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