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Hallo! 🙂

Perchta inspired nail art

Here are my nails inspired by another rather gory Christmas tradition!

In Germanic mythology Perchta is a white-robed female spirit. She was known as a wild goddess of spinning and weaving.

Perchta roams the countryside during midwinter, and enters peoples homes at Christmas time, she would know whether the children of the household had behaved well and worked hard all year. If they had, they might find a small silver coin next day. If they had not, she would slit their bellies open, remove stomach and guts, and stuff the hole with straw and pebbles.

She would also slit people’s bellies open and stuff them with straw if they ate something on the night of her feast day other than the traditional meal of fish and gruel.

Lovely o_O

Perchta inspired nail art

There really are so many really rather gruesome bits of Christmas/Midwinter folklore out there, being dumped in a sack and dragged off to hell, beaten with sticks, eaten by giant cats… It’s all a bit bloody!

Anyway enough blood and guts… For my nails I used O.P.I Solitaire as the base, I’m not really a huge fan of textured polishes but this pearly white with silver glitter really does look like snow.

The snowflakes are from stamping plate QA86 from Born Pretty stamped with I’d Melt For You from China Glaze.

The red drippy french tips are Tip Your Hat this is also from China Glaze.

Perchta inspired nail art


O.P.I Solitaire (and some random studs I found in my nail art box)


I decided earlier this week that I really have to start going though my pile of untried polishes, as I have far to many!

OPI Solitaire

OPI Solitaire

So here is Solitaire from OPI! This is a pearly white textured polish with silver glitter, I think it looks a bit like snow!

I didn’t use any glue for applying the studs, I just used an orange stick to press them into the wet polish! This won’t last as long as using glue or using a strong top coat to attach them but it seems to work quite well.

OPI Solitaire

OPI Solitaire

There are two things about this polish that I wouldn’t usually like, it’s white and it’s textured, this is why it’s been in my untried pile for so long lol

Now it’s on my nails I think it looks rather festive! 🙂

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