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Nails Inc Paint Can Shoreditch Lane!

Hello! 🙂

Ok I admit it, I just ran out to buy this!

Nails Inc Paint Can Shoreditch Lane

Spray on nail polish! I had to try it! 😀

Ln the spray can you get 50ml of product and the 2 in 1 is 5ml. I don’t know how many full manicures you’ll get from the can.

According to Nails Inc this is how to apply this spray in nail polish!

Step 1. This part is essential – you must apply a base coat, we suggest Paint Can’s Best Friend – the Nails inc 2 in 1 Base and Top coat. Allow to dry.

Or apply The Paint Can over your nail polish for a speedy colour change.

Step 2. Shake the Paint Can and from a distance of 10-15cm, spray the polish directly onto the nail area. (Cover and protect the surface you are spraying on to).

Step 3. For a longer lasting mani (for up to four days), apply a top coat. Allow to dry.

Step 4. With warm soapy water wash away any excess Paint Can polish from skin and cuticles. Or use a cleansing wipe when on the go.

You will be left with a perfectly applied manicure.

from these instructions the thing really got my attention is spraying it over the nail polish your already wearing… I think this is going to open up a whole new collection of nail art techniques!

Here are my (slightly stained) nails all prepped with the Nails Inc 2 in 1 and ready to go!

naked nails

And here’s my nails and hands covered in spray paint!


Nails Inc Shoreditch Lane Paint Can

Hahaha there was So much mess!

I don’t know about the pink spray but if you are going to use the silver, make sure your not wearing anything that you mind getting a thin coating of sparkles over, it’s in my hair, over my clothes, the whole of my bathroom is slightly sparkly! Oops!

But I don’t really mind as I’m usually covered in glitter! 😀

Nails inc shorditch lane

This photo is without the topcoat! It really is a lovely chrome!

I have to say that the polish comes away from the skin really easily, I found it was even easier to remove by soaking my hand in warm water for a few minutes.

It was slightly more difficult to remove the polish from my cuticles, I has to scrape it away with an orange stick.

When I applied the 2 in 1 as topcoat something rather strange happened.

nails inc shoreditch lane

There was rather a lot of what I can only describe as antiquing, and there is also some cloudiness to the tips of my nails, like a matte french tip, interestingly this is the same problem I have with Out The Door topcoat on normal nail polish (which is why I don’t use it).

Then I tried applying Seche Vite.

Nails Inc Shoreditch Lane

There is still a little antiquing, it’s not as bad and there’s no odd matte tips!

You can find the silver Paint Can here Nails Inc Shoreditch Lane (UK Only)

This is a really fun product! and yes it does exactly what it says on the tin! For me I don’t know if it is any faster than using a normal one coat polish with base and topcoat, as it did take a little while to clean the polish from my skin. I think this will be an amazing product if you are not not so good at painting your dominant hand!

My final thoughts on the 2 in 1 makes a good base coat, not so much as a top coat with this silver can.

I really hope that Nails Inc release some more Paint Can colours!

Is spray on nail polish something you would consider using?

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