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Green Swirly Dry Marble Nail Art!

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Hey! 🙂

Green Dry Marble Nail Art

The Lovely people from Born Pretty Store have sent me a marbling comb to play with!

After a few attempts to get it to work, this is what I came up with!

Green Dry Marble Nail Art

It’s so swirly and green! Perfect for Spring! 😀

dry marble nail art comb

This is the comb and you can find it right here Born Pretty Comb

By using the code RPG10 you can get 10% off non sale items in your cart! 😀

green nail art decal

The polishes I used for this are

  • China Glaze – Near Dark
  • Illamasqua – Radium
  • Revlon – Topaz
  • Sally Hansen – Grass Slipper
  • Illamasqua – Omen
  • Color Club – New Bohemian

I started out by using stripes of polish on my mat, but it really didn’t work well, the polish kept bunching up, I realized this was happening because I wasn’t being fast enough and I wasn’t using enough polish :/

So to get this to marble nicely I had to use a huge amount of polish! The bottle of Near Dark was practically full when I started!

Instead of painting stripes I painted A big rectangle of the darkest polish then dripped the other colours onto it, and then used the comb to make the swirly patterns!

green nail art decal

This took such a long time to dry! Around 8 hours!

green nail art decal

Then all I had to do was to carefully remove it from my mat, which was slightly more challenging than I was expecting, I think that because the edges where so jagged and uneven thickness it kept tearing :/

But because the decal was so huge I had more than enough to cut to size!

green nail art decal

I don’t know if I’ll be using the comb often just because of the amount of polish I had to use to get it to work, But when I had figured out how to get great results from it, the comb really is a product that’s really fun to use!

green nail art decal

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