Born Pretty Cuticle Tattoo Review


Hello! 🙂

born pretty cuticle tattoo

Today I have my not so good experience with these cuticle tattoo things to share with you…

These have been sent to me for review from Born Pretty

The product is available here Cuticle Tattoo and if you use the discount code RPG10 you’ll get 10% off your order! 🙂

born pretty cuticle tattoo

So, how did I get on with this product? As you can see from the picture, not amazingly well!

born pretty cuticle tattoo

I followed the instructions on the packet, and I don’t know what was wrong, but the little tattoos did not want to stay where I put them.

I’ve never had to do fake tattoo herding before, hopefully it’s something I’ll not have to do again!

They just kept on lifting up at the edges, and then sticking to anything I tried to use to get them back to where they where supposed to be.

born pretty cuticle tattoo review

I have to say I’m not a fan of the shininess, maybe a little dab of translucent face powder would fix it. But then again my nail polish is matte which could be accentuating the glossiness.

The cuticle tattoos where really easy to remove, they came straight off when I washed my hands!

I have actually been putting off writing this post since last week, I don’t think I would have been so ummm diplomatic (lol) with my description of this product if I had written about it straight away.

Then it occurred to me (while I was typing) that these do have a redeeming use!

born pretty cuticle tattoo review

They do make really pretty half moon nail decals! 😀

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