Morgan Taylor Pretty Wild, Little Misfit and Rebel With a Cause.

Hello! 🙂

Today I have three very pretty polishes from Morgan Taylor to share with you. Pretty Wild, Little Misfit and Rebel With a Cause.

Pretty Wild

morgan taylor pretty wild swatch

Pretty Wild Is a really lovely greyed out lilac. The formula is really nice, it has a very rich and creamy  consistency and dried really quickly.

I have to say the colour is extremely similar to Sally Hansen Greige Gardens although Pretty wild is a touch warmer. I should probably do a comparison post of all my purpley grey polishes, I’m starting to get quite a collection!

This is two coats Pretty Wild with no topcoat!

Little Misfit

morgan taylor little misfit

Little Misfit is a very sheer multi chrome polish, it is very pretty! looks like a silvery rainbow in a bottle!

On my ring finger is one coat of Little Misfit over black, on the rest of my nails four coats!

The flash did make the sheerness a little more apparent, there definitely is very noticeable VNL!

But as a topper this polish is really lovely. it dries quickly and the application is really smooth., and it’s shiny enough to not need a top coat.

Rebel With a Cause

morgan taylor rebel with a cause

Out of these three polishes this one is my favorite. Rebel With a Cause is a stunning deep wine/berry red, with a slight gold shimmer and iridescent micro glitter.

All of the glitters and shimmers in this polish make it look like a metallic finish but without all the pesky brushstrokes!

The coverage with this polish is amazing, with careful application this could be opaque in one coat, this is two coats, because I wasn’t very careful lol


2 responses to “Morgan Taylor Pretty Wild, Little Misfit and Rebel With a Cause.

  • Heather

    Great post 🙂 I was wondering – do you have any idea how Pretty Wild compares to OPI’S “Parlez Vous OPI”?

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    • Ruth

      hi, umm I don’t own a bottle of OPIs PVO. I have had a look at a few swatches and I think PVO has a more violet tone while Pretty Wild leans closer to mauve. Sorry I couldn’t be any more help 🙂


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