GOT Polish Challenge – Yellow (Or My Fried Egg Nails)

Got Polish Challenge Yellow nail Art

Fried egg nails

Here are my yellow nails for the GOT Polish Challenge! I really don’t like yellow nail polish so this was actually quite difficult for me to come up with anything interesting, I was just staring at the bottles of polish waiting for some kind of inspiration.

I only have 3 bottles of yellow nail polish and one of those is new, so my yellow choices where rather limited, eventually I chose this!


This is a polish I have had for a while, it came free with some cleaning stuff oO (I’m not going to start on gender stereotyping… But Yay for free nail polish lol)

Got Polish Challenge Yellow Nail Art

Fried eggs

I don’t like fried eggs, and I don’t like yellow nail polish so it’s a match made in heaven (or hell depending on how you look at it)

I applied two coats of not marigold yellow then added the egg whites with China Glaze White on White and a large dotting tool, then for the yokes, some more Not Marigold and a medium sized dotting tool!

Got Polish Challenge Yellow

Yellow nails

Don’t forget to have a look at the Pinterest page for the GOT Polish Challenge

I still don’t like yellow!

7 responses to “GOT Polish Challenge – Yellow (Or My Fried Egg Nails)

  • llewsoba

    Very cool, and I love eggs!!


  • Craftynail

    Poor sad yellow. No one loves him. But i will. Always and forever!


  • cuddlycat

    I don’t generally like yellow on my nails either (to me, I just always think it looks like my nails are stained, even if it’s a pretty pastellow [totally just made that up, but I think it should become a thing]), buuuuuuuut I liked the egg yolks. That was what I thought of immediately when I saw it. My next thought was that I hoped you meant for it to look that way. Personally, I think that if I ever get around to stealing (if I may?) your idea, I’d probably start with a blue base…but maybe it’s the fact that it’s a yellow base that the mind immediately goes “I like eggs!” (As said by the great Debby from The Girls Room on the Amanda Show). Cute manicure! It would be a fun idea for Easter!


    • Adorned Claw

      I totally agree with you about the stained nails look! I have really bad circulation and any polish with yellow tones makes my fingers look even more purple/grey than they usually are :/ like I have zombie fingers lol!

      Yes i did mean for it to look like eggs 😀 And steal away! I think it would look great with a blue base 😀


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