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Teal Gradient


This week is the beginning of the 52 week pick and mix challenge! (I would have posted this earlier but I have been away)

Each week, there are 2 prompts. It is your choice whether to do just one, both, or combine them.
The first option is a pattern – these are alphabetical.
The second option is a colour or a range of colours. As far as possible, these should be oldies or untried.

Teal Grey Gradient Scales

Teal Grey Gradient Scales

This challenge looks amazing! I love how relaxed it is 🙂

week pick and mix

52 week pick and mix

For the gradient I used Rise and Shine from Sinful Colors and Mind Your Mittens from Essie. This is the first time I have tried Mind Your Mittens, its been sitting in my polish box for ages and for some reason I just keep overlooking it, it really is a lovely dark grey/blue!

Teal And Grey

Teal And Grey

The stamp is from Messy Mansion stamping plate MM21 along with Konad special polish in black!

Rise and shine with mind your mittens

Rise and Shine with Mind Your Mittens

I was only just in time with this post oO hopefully I’ll be able to get the rest of them done before the last moment! 😀

31DC2014 – Half Moon Nails

31DC2014 Half Moon Nail Art

Half Moon Nails

Here are my half moon nails for day 18!

For this I used

  • Black Magic from Revlon
  • Aglaia from 2True
  • Konad SP in Black
  • Pure Midnight From Sally Hansen
  • Seche Vite

Starting with a couple of coats of black magic, I stamped the bottom half of my nail, with Agiaia, I used Moyou Pro plate 05 which is a standard size plate from them, it’s way too narrow and short for me to use as a full nail, but it’s fine to use sideways for half a nail lol!

Then I applied a thin coat of Seche Vite, when that was dry I used ring binder hole reinforcements to mask off the half moons, then sponged on some more Black Magic and removed the sticky rings.

Then for the tips of my nails I sponged on more Aglaia and some Pure midnight, I was going for a gradient but it didn’t really work very well :/

Then I applied another coat of Seche, waited for it to dry then stamped using the same image, but with Konad SP Black and then a final coat of SV.

31DC2014 Half Moon Nail Art

Moyou Pro 05

With all of the topcoat I used for this I’m honestly surprised that it didn’t shrink a lot more!

2True Metallica Collection Swatches!

Today I have all 5 of the 2True Metallica collection polishes all swatched and ready to show you!

2True Metallica Collection

2True Metallica Collection

The green is called Arete, the teal is Aglaia, the purple is called Artemis, Athena is the blue, and the pink is called Aphrodite! I have to say that I’m really liking the names of these polishes 😀

I’m going to be using these as stamping polishes but I thought I should give them a quick swatch just to see how they look. The collection all have a pretty satin finish, so if you want a glossy polish these probably won’t be for you! I really like the slightly matte-ness of these polishes, But then I’m really liking matte at the moment!

2True Athena Metallica Collection

2True Athena Metallica Collection .

Athena is the Ancient Greek goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, just warfare, mathematics, strength, strategy, the arts, crafts, and skill.

This polish is a really nice cool powdery silver blue, I applied two coats over base coat. I really like how frosty this polish looks.

2True Athena Metallica Collection

2True Athena

I did find that there was some dragging and bunching on the second coat, this was the same with all the colours. I found that applying the second coat quite thickly minimized the bunching!

2true Artemis Metallica Collection

2true Artemis Metallica Collection

Artemis, the goddess of the hunt, wild animals, Wilderness, Childbirth and protector of young girls, she often was depicted as a huntress carrying a bow and arrows.

I have already posted about how amazing this polish is for stamping if you would like to have a look you can find that right here.

Artemis is such a pretty lilac colour! I used two coats over base coat!

2true Artemis Metallica Collection

2true Artemis

I found the brush strokes impossible to get rid of! But applying an extra coat with a sponge will get rid of them! I Thought about doing this for all of the polishes but I realized that would be a bit like cheating as I want you to see the polishes as they are!

2True Arete Metallica Collection

2True Arete Metallica Collection

Arete The Ancient greek Goddess of Virtue, Wisdom and Excellence.

It’s green, it’s green and I like it… I normally don’t like green polishes at all but this one seems to be an exception oO. Arete is a pretty pearly spring green, I like this because the metallic silvery tones make this green not overly yellow.

I again used two coats over base coat for this swatch, these polishes do have quite a strong chemical smell, but it doesn’t hang around as long as some other polishes.

2True Arete Metallica Collection

2True Arete

I noticed that all of these polishes show up every little ridge and dimple on my nails :/ I use a ridge filling basecoat (it’s a really cheap one) so maybe an extra layer of basecoat would help? or more buffing!

2True Aphrodite Metallica Collection

2True Aphrodite Metallica Collection

Aphrodite is the ancient Greek goddess of Love, beauty, pleasure and procreation.

Aphrodite is a pretty rosey pink, in the bottle it has a slightly coral hue but that doesn’t show up when it’s on, this really isn’t a colour that I would usually choose, but I’m glad that I did get it because it’s really rather pretty.

I used two coats over basecoat with the thicker second coat to avoid the dreaded bunching.

2True Aphrodite Metallica Collection

2True Aphrodite

I’m really interested to see how this pink polish looks stamped over black!

This rather lovely pale teal is called Aglaia.

2True Aglaia Metallica Collection

2True Aglaia Metallica Collection

Aglaea was the goddess of beauty, splendor, glory, magnificence and adornment.

I think this is a really stunning colour! I would wear this on it’s own. I really like the paleness of this shade I think if the colour was more intense it would detract from the metallic sheen.

I used two coats over base coat

2True Aglaia Metallica Collection

2True Aglaia

To sum up these polishes, the bad bits first, they show up imperfections on your nails, they are a bit stinky, and they tend to bunch up and drag during application.

And the good stuff. The colours are all really pretty, the lovely satin finish, they dry very fast and you only need two coats (or one if you are careful) Oh yeah, and they are amazing for stamping! 😀

When I get a bit of time I’ll show you these polishes stamped over black and white polish! 🙂

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