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31DC2014 – Day 13 Animal Print

A little bit late, but here are my animal print nails for day 13!

Zebra Print Nails!

Zebra Print Nails!

I have to say that this looks much better in real life! My nails look very washed out in these pictures.

I started with A couple of coats of Shabby Drab from Color Club, Purple toned grey polishes make me very happy! and this one is no exception! 😀

The stamping plate is Pro Collection XL 04 from Moyou. I used some more Shabby Drab along with a couple of drops of Artemis from 2True for the stamped images, It was quite difficult to see what I was doing with the gradient, the 2True polish sunk under the Color Club so I couldn’t tell how much purple I had picked up!

Purple Grey Zebra Nail Art

Purple Grey Zebra Nails

I’m definitely going to try this again, probably with a leopard print, or snake print… Thinking about it I don’t think I have ever used my snakey stamps… I really have to do something about that! 😀

31DC2014 Day 12 Striped Nails

Black and Green Striped Nails Filthy Gorgeous Twilight Color Club Kissy

Black and Green Striped Nails

Day 12 Striped Nails! I decided on another simple mani for this one 🙂

Black and Green Striped Nails Filthy Gorgeous Twilight Color Club Kissy

Stripy Nails

I started out with two coats of Kissy from Sinful Colors, Kissy is a really pretty teal jelly with loads of gold iridescent glitter.

When the teal polish was dry, one nail at a time I stuck on the striping tape and added a coat of Twilight from Filthy Gorgeous, then removed the tape with tweezers while the black polish was still wet.

Then I added a coat of Seche Vite, when it was dry I started on the next nail!

Black and Green Striped Nails Filthy Gorgeous Twilight Color Club Kissy

Filthy Gorgeous Twilight Sinful Colors Kissy

I do like stripy nails like this, I just wish they didn’t take as long 🙂

31DC2014 Day 11 Dots

31DC2014 Day 11 Dots

Dots for day 11

These are my dotty nails for day 11!

I can’t believe I’m already a third of the way through this challenge already! 😀

31DC2014 Day 11 Dots

31DC2014 Day 11 Dots

the polishes I used are

  • Sinful Colors – Mauve
  • Illamasqua – Bapitste
  • China Glaze – Bizarre Blurple
  • Color Club – Secret Agent
  • Barielle – Grape Escape
  • China Glaze – Get Outta My Space
  • Illamasqua – Poke

I used Mauve as the base colour then added the dots with a large dotting tool, starting with the darkest polish, when I got to using Get Outta My Space I switched over to using a medium dotting tool and covered over a few of the gaps 🙂

31DC2014 Day 11 Dots

31DC2014 Day 11 Dots

It was only after I had finished that I realized that this was supposed to be a dotted pattern! Ooops 😛

31DC2014 Day 10 Gradient

Black and White Gradient Nail Art

Black and white Gradient

Here are my gradient nails for day 10! I decided to go with a very simple black and white with studs for today.

I used

  • White On White – China Glaze
  • Pure Midnight – Sally Hansen
  • Black Magic – Revlon
  • L’Oreal – Confettis
  • Nail Studs
  • Color Club Topcoat
  • Makeup Sponge
Black and White Gradient Nail Art

Black and White Gradient Nail Art

Starting out with a base of white on white, I built up the gradient with Black Magic, Pure Midnight and White on White   on the makeup sponge, it took three coats, then I applied a coat of confettis and some topcoat.

Then using a bit more topcoat as glue I stuck the nail studs on!

Black and White Gradient Nail Art

Black and White Gradient Nail Art

31DC2014 Day 9 Rainbow Nails

Rainbow Nail art

Rainbow Nails

here are my rainbow nails for day 9 I started with a coat of white, I used Ivory Skull from Sally Hansen.

Then I used these polishes for the gradient,

  • Illamasqua – Poke
  • China Glaze – Frostbite
  • Sinful Colors – Happy Ending
  • Maybelline – Electric
  • Rimmel – Double Decker Red

It took three coats, then I applied a thin coat of Prism from Filthy Gorgeous for some sparkle.

After fighting with nail tape for around half an hour I gave up and freehand painted the stripes, which is why they are a bit wobbly lol!

rainbow nails

rainbow nails

I think these are a bit too bright and colorful for me!

31DC2014 Day 8 Metallic

31dc2014 day 8 metallic nails

Stamped metallic gradient

Here are my metallic nails for day 8!

For this I used Dazzle from Orly, Black Magic from Revlon and Konad SP black.

I started with a couple of coats of Dazzle, then I created the gradient using Black Magic and a make up sponge.

The using some more Dazzle and konad SP in black I stamped the image over the gradient!

I finished it off with a coat of color club topcoat!

31dc2014 metallic nails

Metallic Nails

This didn’t turn out quite as crisp as I was hoping, but it’s nice enough! 🙂

31dc2014 metallic nails

31dc2014 metallic nails

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