Nail Polish From Japan – Beauty World Dot Artist Set

Hi! Today I have another nail polish from Japan to show you 🙂

This is a Dot Artist set From Beauty World It has three 5ml polishes A bright pink cream, a pale pink almost nude shade and a black cream. The set also contains a small and large dotting tool.

Beauty World - Dot Artist Set

Beauty World – Dot Artist Set

How cute is that packaging! 😀 Because I don’t think I’ll be able to get another one of these sets I decided on a Skittle mani rather than swatching each of the polishes.

Beauty World - Dot Artist Set

Beauty World – Dot Artist Set

The black polish is very nice! it is opaque in one coat, it applied really easily and dotted over both the pink shades really well!

I found that the pale pink is nowhere near as well pigmented, it took four coats to be opaque, it looks nice over the bright pink but it didn’t do so well over the black, it looks grey and washed out which is a shame.

The bright pink is opaque in two coats and dotted really well over both of the other colours.

I found that these polishes have a quite a strong chemical smell but they dried really quickly! I think this is a really fun little set 🙂

I was originally going to post this on the 14th but I have just not had the time :/ and when I have had a little time I’ve been far to tired to do anything.

I have been really busy sorting out my allotment! I am so glad that we have finally got the paperwork! My lovely OH took some time off from work and has spent the last two weeks weeding and digging, (in between playing computer games) I have been weeding, starting seeds, and planting stuff, mostly flowers and early crops so far, The down side of it is my flat is filled with soil and seed trays… So much mess! Ugh! And my hands are really dry… It seems that no amount of hand cream/cuticle balm is helping :/ I have had two horrid nail breaks on my right hand (index and middle fingers) but luckily my left hand nails are still happy!

I like to make sure I have had a couple of evenings during the week where I can sit down, paint my nails and write my posts, over the past couple of weeks there’s been “stuff” happening on there days one of these was my upstairs neighbor (top floor) accidentally dropped a brick from their balcony. They where using it as a door stop, it made a lot of noise and a fair amount of damage on my patio when it landed!  Damaged palm tree, broken pots and a broken bracket on my fence oO I’m so glad that I wasn’t outside at the time!

The other thing that happened was much nicer! We had a little kitty visitor for the night! very cute black and dark brown stripy cat with bright yellow eyes, He was a lost house cat who was crying outside our front door! The poor little guy was very scared of the outside world so we decided to let him in until we found his family. Gave him some food, water and a box and he seemed to be quite happy! My OH managed to find out where the cat lives and left a message (the cat hadn’t come from to far away) His owner came to collect him really early in the morning! In the afternoon the cats owner came back with a bottle of wine and thanked us again for finding and looking after the kitty.  🙂

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