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Ombre Nails Tutorial (only using black and white polish)

Ombre Nails

Ombre Nails

An Ombre Manicure Is a really easy! It is a gradient from nail to nail with five nail polishes which are applied each on one full nail (rather than a gradient over one nail, which is a gradient manicure).

I have been wanting to an Ombre tutorial for a little while now but I haven’t found three shades of grey polish that would work… Madness!

So with the polish I already own I decided to mix my own shades!

Ombre Nails Tutorial Equipment

Ombre Nails Tutorial Equipment

This is what I used!

  • one cotton bud (q tip) with one end cut off.
  • a paint brush/nail art brush.
  • Nina Ultra Pro – French White.
  • Sinfulcolors -Black on Black.
  • Acetone.
  • A Dapen Dish or small container. (Just make sure it’s not plastic)
  • An old Plate
  • some paper

Begin by painting two coats of white on your thumb nails and black on your little finger nails. It’s best to wait until they have dried before continuing.

Then pour little acetone into the Dapen dish or small container this is to rinse the brush in later.

To start with put three drops of black polish with one drop of white together on the plate, using the cotton bud (with the end cut off) as a mixing tool, combine the two polishes until it is an even shade, you’ll have to be quite fast with mixing so the polish doesn’t dry to much. Then using the brush apply it to your ring finger nails,ย  use the paper to wipe the extra polish from the brush before rinsing it in Acetone.

On another part of the plate mix two drops of black with two drops of white. This shade is for the middle finger nails. after you have applied the polish remember to clean the brush to remove the extra polish

And for your pointer finger nails use a ratio of three drops of white to one drop of black.

If you need to apply a second coat, wait until the first coat has dried and follow the steps again! ๐Ÿ™‚ Then apply some topcoat.

This technique can be used with lots of different colours, you just have to make sure that the amount of pigment in the individual polishes you choose to use is roughly the same!

Purple and Pink Glitter Leopard Nail Art

Glitter Leopard Gradient Nails

Glitter Leopard Gradient Nails

I started with one coat of Amethyst from Sinful Colors, this polish is a really nice colour, it’s a mid purple creme, (I’ll do a swatch at some point) I used it as a base colour to tone down the very bright pink polish I chose for the gradient.

For the sponged gradient I used Black on Black also from Sinful Colors and Ulterior Motive from Color Club, which is a fantastic bright magenta pink jelly with iridescent pink and blue micro glitter. The gradient took two coats, I had to work very quickly as the glitter kept sticking to the sponge!

For the leopard print I used Moyou XL Pro Collection 04, and Konad special polish in black.

I finished it off with a coat of Seche Vite. Not including the clean up this only took me 15 minutes!

Glitter Gradient Leopard Nails

Glitter Gradient Leopard Nails

Zebra Gradient Nail Art

Gradient Zebra Nail Art!

Gradient Zebra Nail Art!

For this I used a base of two coats Black on Black from Sinfulcolors, for the gradient I used Cosmic Dust from China Glaze,ย  followed by a coat of Seche Vite.

The stamping plate I used Is from Moyou, it’s plate XL 04 from the Pro Collection, I used Konad SP in black for the print. And I finished it all off with one more coat of Seche Vite

Zebra Gradient Nail Art

Zebra Gradient Nail Art

I really love how this turned out ๐Ÿ˜€

Halloween Nail Art!


Here is my first Halloween Nail art for this year! ๐Ÿ˜€

Halloween Nail Art

Halloween Nail Art

For this I used Secret Agent from Color Club, Couture Grey from Maybelline, Night Moves From Barielle Shades, Cosmic Dust from China Glaze, Black on Black from Sinfulcolors and Konad SP in black!

Halloween Nails

Halloween Nails

I started with a sponged gradient using Secret Agent, Couture Grey and Cosmic Dust.

For the moon I used Night Moves, to get the circle I painted two thick coats onto a plastic bag and left it to dry, then peeled the polish from the bag and used a hole punch to make it! I stuck it to my nail with a dab of the grey polish and covered it with a coat of Seche Vite to secure it in place.

After all of that dried I used Konad special polish in black for the stamping, the plates I used where some cheap unbranded ones from Ebay! It did take me quite a few attempts to get a good image from them, but the final result was worth it ๐Ÿ™‚ย  Then one final coat of Seche to finish it off!

Nail Polish Clean Up Tutorial

I have to admit that I’m not the neatest of people, especially when it comes to painting my nails. (Far to much coffee probably has something to do with it.) So this is how I clean up my fingers and (try to) tidy up my finished polish.

These are the things that I use.

100% Pure acetone – For the clean up I like to use pure acetone. I have found that it is loads faster than using standard nail polish remover but this method will work with standard polish removers.

Cotton buds (q-tips) – if it is really messy!

A brush. – At the moment I use a stiff artists brush (one for oil paint) I found this type of brush works really quite well but I am going to have to get a new one soon, mine is starting to look a bit worn, I suggest experimenting with different brushes to find one that works best for you. There are plenty out there in different price ranges!

Paper towel or tissue – to wipe your brush.

A small container – Any small container should work, just make sure that it is not plastic! An egg cup or small bowl,ย  or even the lid from your acetone/polish remover! I have used all of these things in the past but now I use my little glass Dappen Dish. ๐Ÿ™‚

Cuticle Pen/oil or cream – I like Burt’s Bees Lemon butter cuticle cream. It’s rich with out being greasy and it smells amazing! Oh and some hand cream.

some of the stuff you'll need.

some of the stuff you’ll need.

I have used a sponging technique using Greige Gardens and Pure Midnight, both from Sally Hansen, Black on Black from Sinfulcolours and Cosmic Dust from China Glaze.

I usually clean up my cuticles before applying the top coat, cleaning up before the top coat is a lot faster as the polish hasn’t had time to fully dry. The only time I clean up after is when I have been doing a nail stamp manicure, I have managed to smudge the print and ruin it a couple of times.

Pour a little bit of acetone/polish remover into your small container, there is no point in filing it all the way up as more will end up evaporating.

For a messy manicure like this one I like to remove the majority of the polish from my fingers to start with. I use a cotton bud (q-tip). You want to wipe rather than rub the polish if you rub at it too much you may end up staining your skin.

Use a cotton bud to remove most of the polish

Use a cotton bud to remove most of the polish

It takes a little practice but if you gently rotate the cotton bud (q-tip) in the opposite direction to the direction you are wiping it will lift away loads more of the polish you want to get rid of!

You’ll want to clean up as close to the cuticle as you can, as cleaning it all up with a brush will take ages!

removing excess polish

Dip the brush into acetone, tap the brush on the side of your container to get rid ofย  the extra. This helps to stop your cuticles from getting soaked with acetone and messing up the edges of your polish.

Brush along the cuticle toward the nail tip.

Brush along the cuticle toward the nail tip.

Starting at the base of the nail gently sweep the brush along the cuticle toward the nail tip to remove the excess polish.

Clean up

Make sure you are very gentle while doing this as you don’t want to be taking off too much polish from the nail plate, wipe the polish from the brush on to the paper towel. Then repeat until you are happy with the results!

For your non dominant hand doing this can be a bit of a problem I’m still not amazing at it!

There are a few things that have helped me the first is to rest your elbows on your table, (this is to help steady your hands) and move the nail on your dominant hand under the brush rather than moving the brush to your nail then there is just to practice, it gets easier ๐Ÿ™‚

Nearly finished

Nearly finished

Once your hands and cuticles are free from polish. Apply your top coat (if not already applied) I use Seche Vite, it’s really fast drying and helps the polish last for ages! Wait for it to dry, then give your hands a good wash, this is because no matter how careful you are there is going to be a really thin layer of polish left on your fingers and I’m sure that can’t be good!

Now it’s time for some cuticle cream, I think this is really important as acetone can be very drying!
Carefully massage it around your cuticles, apply some hand cream and you are done!

All Finished! :D

All Finished! ๐Ÿ˜€

I hope you have found this useful ๐Ÿ™‚

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