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31DC2014 Day 19 Galaxy Nails!

Here are my (much shorter) day 19 Galaxy Nails!

Galaxy Nails

Galaxy Nails

The polishes I used for this are,

  • Twilight -Filthy Gorgeous
  • Strap On Your Moon Boots – China Glaze
  • Ruby Sapphire – Sally Hansen
  • Get Outta My Space – China Glaze
  • Barry M Nail are pens in black and silver
  • Seche Vite
Purple Holographic Galaxy Nails

Purple Holographic Galaxy Nails

I decided on the China Glaze polishes as I wanted this to be shimmery, without being too metallic (if that makes any sense) and the Ruby Sapphire for it’s lovely purple blue duo-chrome shift!

After I had  sponged on the galaxy pattern I used the silver nail art pen to draw on the stars. I couldn’t resist the little UFO! 😀

Then I sealed it all in with a coat of Seche Vite

Purple Holographic Galaxy Nails

Purple Holographic Galaxy Nails

31DC2014 – Half Moon Nails

31DC2014 Half Moon Nail Art

Half Moon Nails

Here are my half moon nails for day 18!

For this I used

  • Black Magic from Revlon
  • Aglaia from 2True
  • Konad SP in Black
  • Pure Midnight From Sally Hansen
  • Seche Vite

Starting with a couple of coats of black magic, I stamped the bottom half of my nail, with Agiaia, I used Moyou Pro plate 05 which is a standard size plate from them, it’s way too narrow and short for me to use as a full nail, but it’s fine to use sideways for half a nail lol!

Then I applied a thin coat of Seche Vite, when that was dry I used ring binder hole reinforcements to mask off the half moons, then sponged on some more Black Magic and removed the sticky rings.

Then for the tips of my nails I sponged on more Aglaia and some Pure midnight, I was going for a gradient but it didn’t really work very well :/

Then I applied another coat of Seche, waited for it to dry then stamped using the same image, but with Konad SP Black and then a final coat of SV.

31DC2014 Half Moon Nail Art

Moyou Pro 05

With all of the topcoat I used for this I’m honestly surprised that it didn’t shrink a lot more!

I’m Back! 31DC2014 Day 17 Glitter

Hey everyone, I’m back 😀

Sorry it’s been so long since my last post, I have tried to write this a couple of times but my brain just hasn’t been cooperating lol!

I have been super busy! I went to a music festival which was amazing and it was really lovely to catch up with people I don’t see very often. Did a big spring clean of the flat (which I really should finish at some point) and loads of gardening, I have loads of really interesting plants and I really hope they all grow!

Anyway on to the nails! I really should have written posts to be scheduled but for some reason the music festival snuck up on me and I didn’t end up with enough time 😦 but I will carry on with the challenge, even with being really far behind! 🙂

Glitter Nail art Rimmel Shooting Star

Glitter Nails

Here are my glittery nails for day 17.

I used Shooting Star from Rimmel, it’s from the Space Dust collection and it’s a polish that I haven’t tried before, I have to say I think it would look better with some undies.

I applied two coats but it didn’t seem to be quite opaque enough, but this doesn’t really show in the photos. When it was dry it has a slightly gritty texture so I added a coat of Seche Vite to make the stamping a little easier.

Moyou Pro XL 07

Moyou Pro XL 07

The stamped image is from Moyou Pro Collection plate XL 07 I really like this image but I think that it is too big, I do find that quite a lot with the XL plates from Moyou, the full nail patterns are the perfect size for all of my nails but the individual images are just too big :/

The black stamping polish is Konad SP in Black, then I applied another coat of Seche Vite.

Silver shiny glittery nails!

Silver shiny glittery nails!

I’m thinking of investing in a XL squishy stamper, I have the Konad hard double ended (hehe) stamper and the white and purple rectangular ones from Messy Mansion, the rectangular ones are amazing! I love the purple one so much!

Do you use a XL squishy stamper? And is it worth the investment? 😀

31DC2014 Day 16 Tribal Print Nail Art

Tribal Print

Tribal Print

Hey! Here are my Tribal nails for day 16!

I wanted something quite neutral for today, so I used Modern Love from Deborah Lippmann as the base colour.

Tribal Print Nail Art

Tribal Print Nails

For the pattern I used two nail art pens from Barry M, a black one and a silver one. I drew the black parts of the patterns first, then added the silver after! It was surprisingly easy to create the pattern!

Tribal Print Nail Art

Tribal Print Nail Art

This is the first time I have tried a tribal print mani, I like it, I think that if I had done the tribal print over all of my nails I think it would be a bit much, but as an accent nail I think it works really well! 😀

31DC2014 Day 15 Delicate Print Nails

Sugar Sugar from sinful colors With Bundle monster plate BM-406

Sugar Sugar With BM-406

Hi Everyone 🙂 Here are my delicate print nails for day 15!

I decided to use one of my untried Sinful Colors polishes today, This one is called Sugar Sugar, it’s an amazing intense shade of red with a smattering of red glitter, and a slight golden shimmer.  I don’t often really like red polish, But this one is definitely an exception!

The stamp is BM-405 from the Bundle Monster CYO set. I had a little problem with the BM plate, My nails are too long oO in particular my thumb nails… There was about 4mm of gap! And the gap was around 2/3mm on my other nails, But not to be deterred I had a cunning plan to continue the pattern with My Barry M Nail art pen, I think it worked! 😀

There was some shrinking and cracking from my topcoat… After my really careful drawing of the unstamped bit of nail, I’m just going to pretend I can’t see it!

Delicate Print Nails

Delicate Print Nails

Other than my wobbly freehand skills I really like how this looks, I think next time I might try silver stamped over black or grey! 😀

31DC2014 – Day 14 Flowers

Pink Roses

Pink Roses

My flowery nails for day 14! For a change I decided to stamp with white polish!

I started with a coat of China Glaze White On White, then I used the cling film technique to apply

  • Maybelline – Lilac Charm
  • Sally Hansen – Lavender Envy
  • China Glaze – Get Outta My Space
  • Sally Hansen – Good To Grape
  • Minnie Mouse – Pink

I ended up with really pretty pale pinky/purple sparkly nails that looked like marble!

For the stamping I used some more White On White with Pro collection 07 XL from Moyou.

Day 14

Day 14


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