Nail Polish Jewelry

Hey! :)

nail polish jewelry

I have been making nail polish jewelry! It really is so much fun!

The only difficult bit for me was deciding which polishes to use :)

nail polish jewelry

I picked up the findings and glass cabochons from ebay.  there are so many potions to choose from, and after spending ages searching I decided to go with a kit that had everything.

I’m not really a big fan of the brass/gold coloured findings, so If I make any more in the future I might go with the antique silver ones!

this necklace is a double sided one, with the cats on one side and the roses on the other :)

nail polish jewelry

These earrings where the first thing that I made. I added far to much glue to the back of the cabochons and ended up in a dreadful mess lol

nail polish jewelry

I’ve had quite a few people asking where I got these from, but these are just for me, I really don’t have any interest in making loads of these to sell, I think it would take the fun out of making them!

nail polish jewelry


A England Houndstooth Nail art

Hey everyone :)

A England Houndstooth Nail Art

I wasn’t planning on posting anything today but… I just had to share this with you!

I picked up some A England polishes in the Gothic weekend promotion and they arrived this morning, so of course I had to have a play with them. I tend to swatch one nail so I can get a vague idea of what a polish will be like.

So, I try the lovely dark blue Queen Of Scots, this has to be the creamiest, highly pigmented polish I have tried in a long time! It’s lovely!  My next polish test is to see if it’s going to be good for stamping…

A England Houndstooth Nail Art

Just look at it! The purple is Elaine also from A England.

I would think that Queen Of Scots will be just as vibrant over black polish!

The houndstooth stamping image is from Moyou Pro XL 07

A England Houndstooth Nail Art


Born Pretty Nail Shield Review

*Press Sample*

Hello! :)

Born Pretty nail shield review

Here is a rather pretty 3d Nail Shield that has kindly been sent to me for review from Born Pretty

the nail shields are available here Born Pretty Nail Shield the style I’m wearing today is number 20!

Born Pretty nail shield review

The first thing I have to say is that these where sent to me when my nails were quite a bit shorter, they have been in my to do pile for quite some time.

This style of nail shield would be perfect on shorter square nails!

they are really easy to attach to the nail either by pressing one into a thick layer of topcoat (which is what I did) or you could use nail glue if you want them to be even more secure.

Born Pretty nail shield review

One thing about these is that they are quite flat, I do have quite a pronounced c curve, so I actually had to bend it with some pliers so it fitted my nail shape. it only took a couple of seconds to do but if you have curved nails like me it’s something thats worth considering.

Born Pretty nail shield review

I think these are really pretty and they are very easy to apply!

And don’t forget you can use the code RPG10 for 10% off your order at born pretty :)

Born Pretty Cuticle Tattoo Review


Hello! :)

born pretty cuticle tattoo

Today I have my not so good experience with these cuticle tattoo things to share with you…

These have been sent to me for review from Born Pretty

The product is available here Cuticle Tattoo and if you use the discount code RPG10 you’ll get 10% off your order! :)

born pretty cuticle tattoo

So, how did I get on with this product? As you can see from the picture, not amazingly well!

born pretty cuticle tattoo

I followed the instructions on the packet, and I don’t know what was wrong, but the little tattoos did not want to stay where I put them.

I’ve never had to do fake tattoo herding before, hopefully it’s something I’ll not have to do again!

They just kept on lifting up at the edges, and then sticking to anything I tried to use to get them back to where they where supposed to be.

born pretty cuticle tattoo review

I have to say I’m not a fan of the shininess, maybe a little dab of translucent face powder would fix it. But then again my nail polish is matte which could be accentuating the glossiness.

The cuticle tattoos where really easy to remove, they came straight off when I washed my hands!

I have actually been putting off writing this post since last week, I don’t think I would have been so ummm diplomatic (lol) with my description of this product if I had written about it straight away.

Then it occurred to me (while I was typing) that these do have a redeeming use!

born pretty cuticle tattoo review

They do make really pretty half moon nail decals! :D

Morgan Taylor Pretty Wild, Little Misfit and Rebel With a Cause.

Hello! :)

Today I have three very pretty polishes from Morgan Taylor to share with you. Pretty Wild, Little Misfit and Rebel With a Cause.

Pretty Wild

morgan taylor pretty wild swatch

Pretty Wild Is a really lovely greyed out lilac. The formula is really nice, it has a very rich and creamy  consistency and dried really quickly.

I have to say the colour is extremely similar to Sally Hansen Greige Gardens although Pretty wild is a touch warmer. I should probably do a comparison post of all my purpley grey polishes, I’m starting to get quite a collection!

This is two coats Pretty Wild with no topcoat!

Little Misfit

morgan taylor little misfit

Little Misfit is a very sheer multi chrome polish, it is very pretty! looks like a silvery rainbow in a bottle!

On my ring finger is one coat of Little Misfit over black, on the rest of my nails four coats!

The flash did make the sheerness a little more apparent, there definitely is very noticeable VNL!

But as a topper this polish is really lovely. it dries quickly and the application is really smooth., and it’s shiny enough to not need a top coat.

Rebel With a Cause

morgan taylor rebel with a cause

Out of these three polishes this one is my favorite. Rebel With a Cause is a stunning deep wine/berry red, with a slight gold shimmer and iridescent micro glitter.

All of the glitters and shimmers in this polish make it look like a metallic finish but without all the pesky brushstrokes!

The coverage with this polish is amazing, with careful application this could be opaque in one coat, this is two coats, because I wasn’t very careful lol


Leafy Tree Stamping With Nails Inc Clifford Street

Hey! :)

Leafy stamping with nails inc clifford street

While I was hunting around in my nail polish collection it occurred to me that I hadn’t worn any of my Nails Inc polishes in ages.

Leafy stamping with nails inc clifford street

So here is Clifford Street! The image I used is from the Moyou Mother Nature 14 plate.

The trees are getting very bare I wanted something leafy, especially the tree outside my kitchen window, as it lost all of it’s leaves over night!

Leafy stamping with nails inc clifford street

This macro is definitely the truest colour, my camera (phone) picked up a lot of the purple in this polish.

I had forgotten how pretty Clifford Street is, greyed out purple with iridescent gold glitter and a slight purple shimmer, it really is a perfect autumn shade!

With the macro shot you really can see how bad my stamping was this morning lol.

This mani only took around 15 minutes including drying time!

Leafy stamping with nails inc clifford street

I think the tiny birds are really cute! :D



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